SPRING BREAK (but no break from my workouts)

It is finally here.

SPRING BREAK 2011!!!! YEAH! (I’m so excited I used multiple exclamation marks, which I usually hate.)

I could go on and on about how much partying and fun-having I will be doing for the next seven glorious school- AND work-free days…. (except Friday).

But it would all be a lie.

You see, my friends, I am not much of a “party girl.” In fact, it is actually very difficult for me to have fun in a party setting. I am more of a “get-together girl,” and that works for me.

Husband just calls it fun-hating. Boys…

I know, for a fact, that I will have on get-together with my friend Jo for an Eddie Izzard stand-up comedy marathon! We have to have it at her house because she has the “Netflix” and Eddie’s got a NEW SPECIAL! (You and I both know I’m thinking of adding more exclamation marks.)

What are my other plans for this glorious break?

Yard work.

I know, I am FAIL. But here’s the thing. It won’t ever get done while I’m at school all night and work all day so I better do it during the break. We have a LOT of weeds, dead leaves and weird rocks all over our yard. No fun. I want pretty.

Plus, yard work = good work out. Heavy lifting and stuff.

For example: Today I cleaned most of my house (everything but the noisy stuff) and swept my porch and front steps. Yay! I also set up the iron table and chairs In-Laws gave Husband and I. I finally have real outdoor furniture!


Outdoor Iron Table and Chairs

What else?


Copious amounts of researching. Research, research, research. Hopefully, by the end of this most glorious week, I will have completed (if not partially completed) two of my four papers and at least two presentations. (Which is like cheating because I only have the ability to work on two of the presentations at this moment…)


I am so FAIL.

BUT I don’t care because I’m going to be a smartie-pants AND and skinny-pants by the time I’m finished with grad school. Usually, only one of those things happens. :)