A grad student’s guide to getting fit

Soooo… I’ve been thinking. I’ve been thinking a lot particularly about my blog.

(No worries, though, skinnyshae is not going anywhere. It just might change…)

When I first began blogging, I began with a focus on “diet,” “fitness” and “beauty” because those three topics so directly related to my healthfulness, happiness and self-esteem. I made this blog as a… well, as an experience in finding not only skinnyness, but also happiness.

I think it has been working, which is great!

Unfortunately, graduate school takes up about 90 percent of my time (not only literally, also figuratively) -with the other 10 percent composed of cleaning my house, taking care of my dog, spending time with Husband, cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner, sleeping, remembering to brush my teeth (and shower) and forgetting to shave my legs.

Oh! And blogging!

But I haven’t been much of a blogger -especially a blogger of diet, fitness and beauty. (I haven’t been much of a blogger friend either… :( )

Yes: I do occasionally put up recipes of… mostly healthy food items.

Yes: I do tell you all about MY workouts, but not so much workouts you can try, although no variety.

Yes: I still complain about how much it all sucks because we all know it does.

But instead of blogging (and mostly complaining) about how much I hate dieting (and failing at dieting), fitness (and missing the gym) and beauty (and when I FINALLY plucked my eyebrows), I am continuously apologizing for not blogging! That’s not a blog! And that’s not what you deserve. You, as readers and Googlers and friends, deserve more. I am not entirely sure when that will happen.

Boo. I know. But I have a possible solution!

I can change the contextual format of my blog. Not much else will change. I don’t have that much energy. However, I can change the diet, fitness and beauty stuff to match the grad school stress, torture and time stuff.

While the blog will probably not change that much, I will at least have an excuse! And as we, as dieters and exercisers who suffer so much together, know, a good excuse means we can eat a doughnut.


I really want a doughnut.

Announcement? Check.

Update? Not today. Soon, however, I will post some past recipes, new workouts, more beauty information and a picture of my freshly plucked eyebrows.

They look really awesome.