Perfect day for Power Yoga (and I’m a busy kid)

I had a good workout this morning. Finally!

When I reluctantly woke up this morning and rolled out of bed. My first thought was that I did not want to go to yoga.

Well… my first thought was coffee, but my second thought was very much that I did not want to go to yoga -especially since it was Power Yoga.

However, I have skipped far too many workouts to be lazy about the one I actually have time to do; so I went, and it was great!

My hips, hams and quads were very tight, but after a hip-focused yoga practice, my hips are open and my hamstrings and quads are feeling much looser.

I feel very good about today, but I’m afraid this feeling won’t last…

Yesterday, Friday, is usually my favorite workout day because it is the last day of the week that I have to be on a treadmill. However, my days have been so jam-packed full of stuff that I really do not have time to workout.

“Shae… You have to make time.”

That’s so annoying to hear.

“Shae… Your workout is important, too.”

I really hate to hear that, too.

Here’s the thing: I’m busy. I have so many things to do throughout the day, and none of them are very fun, and most of them are LESS fun that getting on the treadmill (which, if you know me, you know how much I hate cardio).

This was my Friday…

  • Wake up at 6:30 a.m., get ready for work, go to work.
  • Office hours from 7:30 a.m.-8:20 a.m.
  • Teach early morning class (8:30 a.m.-9:20 a.m.)
  • More office hours until 11:30 a.m. (Eat something)
  • Teach late morning class (11:30 a.m.-12:20 p.m.)
  • Another hour of office hours (and then I’m usually off to the gym at 2 p.m., but not this day…)
  • Meet classmate to work on incredibly confusing statistical research assignment (Do you like SPSS? I don’t.)
  • Figure out statistical assignment? (No clue if we did it right…) Then, back down to the office to write a summary of the results from the assignment. I think it took about an hour. (While eating something.)
  • Skip studying, working on one of three papers for the semester and homework, also do no reading or grading of papers; instead, go home and get bad news from insurance company
  • Cry and be mad
  • Get over it
  • It’s about 5 p.m. now. Do you believe it?
  • Clip coupons, hunt for recipes, make grocery list, go grocery shopping (finally) at 7 pm. (I had a lot of coupons…)
  • Spend 1.5 hours grocery shopping because I have to hunt for deals, find those specials, do math in my head and weigh my fresh fruit and veg to make sure I have enough. (In school, you think you’ll never use math. Well, you won’t most of the time… but the grocery store is nothing but math.)
  • Get home, unload, refill and clean up
  • Eat something at 9:30
  • Spend some quality time with Husband before he leaves for work

I went to bed at midnight last night and did not stop moving or doing something until that moment. And then I couldn’t stay asleep so I woke up millions of times for no reason. Who was a groggy girl this morning? This chick.

See how busy I was?

“Shae… did you need to cry and be mad about stuff?”


“Fair enough.”

Finally, got her to shut up! She’ll be back, though. Sigh…

So that was my day… That’s what I do almost every day. I sit in front of a computer screen in an office more than half of my day AND evening working on school and work and more school and then some more work. :(

However, because Ashley R. and I are sick to death of stressing out because of grad school, we’ve decided to go walking and stair-climbing around campus on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I’m there all the time any way -might as well make it a gym.

I have every intention of getting back into the “swing” of my week day workouts, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at least… (My day is usually longer on Monday and Wednesday because I have night classes.)

Boo. Hiss. I hate being busy. I cannot wait until Spring Break. I plan on cleaning out my yard. That’s exercise…

(OH! I also went to the bank yesterday. Gotta pay that rent!)

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