Bartending burns calories

Last night, I worked the “Color Party” at the Wichita Art Museum. (The color this year was onyx.) Occasionally, I work as a contract bartender for a friend of mine I met when I worked in the business (the business of bartending and waiting tables). She was short-staffed, and I was a little short on cash. (I’m still short on cash, but any little bit helps.) :)

Not only did I do Power Yoga Saturday morning, but I was also on my feet for eight hours straight the same night.

From a calorie calculator, I learned that for a 23-year-old woman at 62″ in height and 137 pounds while standing (doing light bartending – even though it was NOT light bartending), I burned 90 calories per hour. The math says I burned a total of 720 calories.

(And that’s not counting the millions of times I went up and down flights of stairs, hauled butt across the back of the bar in search of a bottle of wine or the correct glass or the many times I shoveled ice into my well. All of which must have burned even more calories.)

When I was a waitress and bartender, I vaguely remember weighing less and being in better shape than I am today. Thank you sedentary lifestyle.

Unfortunately, I did not eat super awesome that night – leftovers from the party? Not quite healthy, and I didn’t eat when I got home because I was too pooped to chew. :)

Power Yoga on Saturday burned 480 calories. The yoga instructor always asks the class what area of our body we would like to focus on. Someone said: “Abs!” And we did abs. Oh goodness did we ever do some abs…

I think I did pretty well for myself this week. I am absolutely starving today… but slightly skinnier! Woohoo!

Who feels good about their exercise program? I do!

Dinner Tonight! is not a new episode. I am making Crock Pot Pot Roast again, which is A-OK with Husband and I because pot roast is superior to all other roasts, and it tastes amazing!

Super unfortunate (for a second time): I am exhausted! How do people find time to work, work more, workout, study and sleep? I have no idea. Last night, I got home decently early (still early Sunday morning), but I couldn’t sleep because I was so charged from the leftover adrenaline from working a busy party. (It didn’t help that I tried to exhaust myself by playing spider solitaire. Computer screens, turns out, keep you awake. Fantastic.)

In the end, I am tired, sore and really hungry – even after breakfast today. Today is substitute laundry day because I worked last night, which means today is also study, study, study day!

Wish me luck. I get to do my entire routine all over again next week! :)

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