A fantastic birthday and lots of studying

Yesterday, you know I spent all day attempting to be a good student, studying rampantly without any thought to the fact that it was, in fact, my birthday -and I should have taken the day off. You know. You do because I told you about it. Need to be reminded?

Well, turns out, I will be doing that same thing all day again. Boo.

Better news?

I cheated on my diet yesterday, and am currently cheating on said diet right now!

When I got home from class last night, late because it’s a bloody night class, Husband told me, “Your present is in the microwave!”

The smell in the air was of chocolate and fudge-y things. I looked in the microwave… and a pan of fresh-baked brownies was sitting there!


Husband baked me brownies! We ate almost half a pan before I started to feel sick of chocolate, and then we went to the Anchor! (Our favorite waitress was not there, and I was very sad about it.) I had Blue Moon. It was good!

After spending my entire birthday being a good student instead of partying, if felt really good (and rather like a birthday) once I got home to my husband. I cannot wait until every evening I spend is with him and not in a classroom.

Anyway, today, I have to study in my homemade classroom: couch, space-heater, day-old coffee and coffee table. I also have a half a pan of brownies, a television with horrible TV sitcoms and four or five text books I need to read.


skinnyshae Dell laptop and communication textbooks
I've got a set up!

Will I get anything done?


Probably not!

(P.S. He did the dishes!) I love my husband!

By the way, Dana at mylittlecelebration has a pretty rad workout I plan on stealing on Friday!

Check it out!

2 thoughts on “A fantastic birthday and lots of studying

  1. dana @ my little celebration

    Glad you had a good birthday! What a sweet husband you have to bake you brownies and do the dishes…how sweet of him!

    Thanks for the shout out. I hope your worky outy goes well. Can’t wait to see you Saturday. I’ll meet you in the lobby before class. Yipeeeeeee!!!


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