It’s my birthday! (and some results)

Yes. It is, in fact, my birthday. I am officially 23.

And I had to get up early, teach this morning and study this afternoon (lots of research). Then, I have to go back to school early tonight to study even more and take a quiz and sit through a three-hour class in which I will be paying attention.

On my birthday…

I has a sad.

What would I rather be doing instead? Oh, lots of thing… Cake might be involved. I miss cake… NO CAKE, SHAE! Sorry!

Husband said he bought me a present -even though I told him not to buy me a present because we’re broke -but I am super excited about it. (I haven’t snooped or anything!) He said he didn’t spend a whole lot of money on it so that’s at least a plus. Maybe he’ll clean the kitchen, too… Hum? That’s free!

I suppose I should tell you the reason I am posting about my birthday instead of something substantial -because there is an actual reason other than me being 23 and how popular that makes me on Facebook. By the way… I’m super popular today.

A looooong time ago, I set out a few goals for myself and revealed to you some very personal information… like my weight.

And my measurements were:

  1. Chest: 35″
  2. Under Bust: 30″
  3. Natural Waist: 29.5″
  4. Low Waist (along the pooch as I say): 35″
  5. Hips: 40″ (and they will be forever… I don’t see this number going down… ever)
  6. Left/Right Bicep: 12″ each
  7. Left/Right Thigh-Quad: 22.7″ each (B00.)
  8. Left/Right Calf: 14.5″ each (these will get bigger)
  9. Weight: 140 (ish)

What are my measurement goals? I don’t actually know about the numbers, but I want more muscles in my arms and abs, less jiggle in my thighs and less visible cellulite on my butt. Whatever number those are -that’s what I want.

That’s what I was. And, while I didn’t measure everything -mostly because I don’t want to know, here are my current measurements.

  1. Pooch: 1″ lost; currently 34″
  2. Hips: TOTALLY though I lost an inch; still 40″
  3. Biceps: Gained 0.5″ per arm
  4. Weight: 137 (ish)

Did I meet my goals? Well, I wanted to jiggle less – I don’t jiggle less. My butt? Haven’t checked in a while… Nevermind. It’s still pretty bad. I guess I also wanted to have a regular gym schedule – I have that!

So how far have I really come? Let me tell you how I feel.

I have more energy even when I’m exhausted. I drink less coffee, eat less sugar and sodium, drink less alcoholic beverages and munch more fresh and homemade foods.

I feel better about myself. I’m wearing clothes I would usually feel uncomfortable in, like dress pants and blouses and heels. I put make up on more often and do my hair again (when I have time and patience).

When people compliment me, I let them -especially if that person happens to be Husband. I don’t put myself down (unless I’m really bloated, but that’s just because I like sharing that with everyone). (By the way – I’m bloated.)

I don’t hate my body.

It’s weird. After being mad about the way I look for so long, changing that perception is really difficult.

I still get mad at my hair. I still hate lipstick and nail polish and plucking my eyebrows. I still bite my nails ’til they bleed. Don’t worry! I haven’t changed much! But I don’t hate the whole mock-up, the whole Shae. I guess she’s growing on me.

…took long enough, huh?

Happy Measurement’s Day! (I just grew one year!)

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