A dilemma

I’ve got one.

I have the opportunity to eat some absolutely delicious, fried in trans fat saturated oil, covered in cheesy glory goodness tonight.

What will I do?

I’ve been a good girl, mind you. I know I have! I’ve been eating well, seriously cutting back on anything sweets or sugar related. I barely even eat bread! (Okay, except for recently because Husband and I are almost out of food and sandwiches are awesome.) I’ve also been a recent gym rat working out at least four days a week even though I want to do five or six. I’ve been a good girl!

(Today’s workout was actually kinda nice! I pushed myself on that treadmill, yo!)

But does this good girl stint allow me to have one night of marvelous indulgence of wonderfully-spiced Mexican food???

Probably not.

I’ll just have a salad… and one margarita… and maybe some chips and salsa… maybe some queso (I love queso)…

AH! This is bad! This is very bad!

What is my motivation for not indulging in a feast of empty calories and fried deliciousness?

I lost a half inch in my belly pooch and around my hips!

“Do you want it to come back Shae???”


“That’s what I thought!”

I’ll just have a bloody salad, but I’m having dressing, darn it!

“No, you’re not.”


Bad, bad, bad skinnyshae!

UPDATE: Well, I ate Mexican food.

However, I did not eat the tortilla and stayed far away from the rice. My downfall was sodium (hilarious note: the government’s new suggested serving size of salt was showing on TV at the same time); I ate chips, salsa, cheese and beans.

Oh. So. Good.

I was going to be done. I stopped eating when I was full. But, then, they… they ordered fried ice cream! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW LONG IT’S BEEN SINCE I’VE HAD ICE CREAM?

Suffice it to say, a long friggin’ time.

So I also ate ice cream. I am going to feel crappy tomorrow. :(

Thankfully, I was told that I am allowed to have cheat days :) which basically means I can eat whatever I want for like one meal a week, but then still have to workout extra the next day. (I don’t know how it works…)

Mexican food + ice cream + The Rite (starring Anthony Hopkins) + birthday (not mine) – class = good night!

(Also Anthony Hopkins is creepy. Really, really creepy.)

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