Too much to do

Laundry day again! Hopefully, I can get my clothes clean and get home in time to make Herb-Roasted Chicken and Vegetables (recipe to come if I actually make it).

While I’m doing laundry at my mother (who happens to be awesome)’s house, I am also doing homework. Lots and lots of homework. It is depressing. :(

I have to complete my lecture discussion, CITI Training and my readings before Monday, Wednesday and, finally, Thursday. While I am aware that is it only Saturday, the sooner it gets done, the sooner I don’t have to do it and can start on the next week of work. This system will work for about five weeks before I start getting behind in every class -no matter how hard I try to stay on track.

Because of my inability to be a studious… student… for extended amounts of time (i.e. an entire semester), my blogging might take the back burner to graduate school. I don’t necessarily feel badly about this, but I would rather be blogging. Know that and feel for me.

In other news, Power Yoga this morning was refreshing! I had a lot on my mind and was worried about everything. There is nothing quite like yoga to get you out of your own head and find a place to be quiet and calm (even when you’re in standing splitz or doing your nth chaturanga).

I hope you can find the same quiet I found in practice today.


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