A pleasant late morning

I slept until 11:12 this morning, which means I only had an hour to wake up, get dressed and get to the YMCA before my yoga class began.

I made it, but I didn’t have time to run before yoga and had no desire to run after yoga (plus I was starving because I didn’t eat breakfast – no time!).

I would feel bad, but it is a rare occasion when Husband and I get to sleep in bed at the same time, so I stayed in bed. We snuggled for about half an hour before I realized I had to get up or I would miss class completely. (And Lord know I don’t want to miss class because I love yoga.)

Instead of continuing to workout in any way, I came home, ate some of Husband’s chicken chili stew and a piece of dark chocolate that Ashley R. bought for me. She such a lovely present-giver. :)

Remember how I had class last night and couldn’t watch MTV’s “I Used to Be Fat?” Well, I saw half of the episode today, and these are my thoughts.

Point 1: Joey, the trainer, is gorgeous.

Point 2: Jordan, who turned to food for comfort after a rough childhood, weighed 272 pounds at his first weigh-in. One hundred and ten days later, Jordan weighed 205 pounds, five more lost than his goal and 15 pounds of muscle gained.

He changed his entire outlook on life and food and his relationship with his mother after his weight transformation. That’s pretty impressive. Now, he has life goals and works at a gym in order to get closer to being a personal trainer himself.

Losing weight changed Jordan completely.

He worked out six hours a day, six days a week, ate healthy food every day for every meal (no cheating after he got caught once) and LOST SO MUCH WEIGHT!

I work out usually five days a week nowhere near six hours. Can I do the same thing? What about you? What do you do to lose the weight?

(And do you sneak doughnuts, which I still haven’t eaten one, when you get a sugar craving?) :)