You know how they say, “Stressed is desserts spelled backwards?” Well, what if you are swearing off desserts and just ran out of dried cherries? What if you are avoiding sugar like the plague when all you want is a doughnut? What are you supposed to do?

I’ll tell you what: Take a nap. Unless, you are me, of course.

Unfortunately, I am unable to sleep because I’ll crash and miss my night class, in which I am sure I have an assignment of some kind (and because of said night class, I will miss “I Used to Be Fat” tonight and will probably be unable to report on it).

I did not workout today; and while I don’t have a good reason, I feel like I am justified.

I’m pooped.

My body is tuckered from exercise and being awake ALL the time. My brain is exhausted from reading chapter after chapter and research article after journal article.

I am just pooped.

I’m so tired I’m jealous of my crippled house cat who can sleep wherever and whenever he wants. Currently, the little snot is sprawled out next to me yawning and stretching and sleeping just like the little snot that he is.


I am also at very many levels of stressed out. My time is now torn between being a good student, being a good teacher, trying to see my friends, cooking, cleaning, studying, exercising, remembering to shower and brush my teeth and, most importantly, trying to spend time with Husband (who probably doesn’t want to hang out with his snippy, tired, smelly wife). And who could blame him, or any of my friends for that matter? I barely want to be around me right now.

My second semester of grad school has barely even started, and I’m already turning in a panicked spaz face. I do not like this version of Shae. She’s grumpy.

Hopefully, since I spent all afternoon determined to finish the readings for my three wonderful classes (which I did), I will feel less pooped and stressed out and want to workout.

What do you do when you’re stressed? Do you eat desserts? :) Or do you take the initiative and run off the stress? For me, I just want to take a nap.

Guess what’s for “Dinner Tonight…”???

HUSBAND COOKED IT! :) A delicious chicken chili stew – one of our favorites, but I haven’t the slightest idea what the real recipe is!

5 thoughts on “STRESSED

  1. dana @ my little celebration

    Aw, sorry to hear you’re stressed! I was in grad school for only one semester and it fried my brain to the max! I feel for ya.

    When I’m stressed I usually try and do something to unwind, like read a magazine, go for a walk, or have some hot tea. If you’re trying not to do desserts, have either just a square of dark chocolate when you get a craving, or this recipe (if you like bananas, that is):

    I usually use 1/5 frozen, sliced bananas in my food processor, then add either whipped cream, a drizzle of chocolate syrup, peanut butter or crushed peanuts.


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