What is this?!? Zodiac sign changes

What is this?!?

I am an Aquarius! I have been ever since I was born! :)

But, now, according to some astrologers, our zodiac signs have changed; and I have been christened “Capricorn.” This is so not cool. I don’t want to be a Capricorn! (Not that they’re bad, but I’ve based many a horoscopes on being Aquarius.)

So here’s the deal…

Many news sources are talking about the new zodiac and its new sign.

According to Mad Science, it all started with an article in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, in which:

“one astronomer made some statements about the zodiac.”

“Parke Kunkle is on the board of directors of the Minnesota Planetarium Society and teaches astronomy at Minneapolis Community and Technical College. Kunkle told the Star-Tribune the Earth’s relation to the sun had changed since the Babylonians first created the zodiac.”

Mad Science got in touch with the astronomer and asked him what he said. “The main stuff he talked to the Star-Tribune about has to do with the phenomenon of ‘precession.'”

Says Kunkle: “If you take a toy top and spin it, it spins around an axis and that axis tends to point in different directions. It moves around. That’s what we call precession. So in Earth’s case, right now, Earth’s spin axis points towards Polaris, the North Star. But in 3000 BC, the Earth’s axis pointed towards a different star, Thuban. And that majestic motion takes about 26,000 years. so if you went from 3,000 B.C. and waited 26,000 years, you’d have the north star Thuban again.”

“We’re in a different constellation now and that is the typical sun sign,” based on the sun’s position when you were born.

Kunkle didn’t tell the Star-Tribune that the zodiac ought to include 13 signs instead of 12. He mentioned that astronomers see the sun’s position with 13 constellations, and Ophiuchus is the 13th. He added that the Babylonians probably had totally different constellations anyway.

But Kunkle’s comments to the Star-Tribune were changed to “astronomer says the zodiac has to be revamped.” -Mad Science Charlie Jane Anders

Oh, so, no. Nothing changed. Thank goodness! I like being Aquarius.

Check out the entire article here. Or just Google that noise.