MTV’s “I Used to Be Fat” – Dominick

The first guy on MTV’s new reality show, “I Used to Be Fat,” Dominick comes from a large food-living family. His goal is to shove off to culinary school (or food college) a smaller-better-at-tennis version of himself.

His trainer, Saran, is CRAZY! The minute I saw her I knew she’d be nuts-oh about exercise. I said, “She’s going to kill him!”  She tore that kid apart. She tore that family apart. (She also tore the kitchen apart.)

Joann, his mother, worried me. She is morbidly unhealthy. Morbidly. And, had Dominick not taken the chance, he may have followed in her shoes. I hope she took advantage of the situation like her son did.

(By the way, I’m glad he packed up and went to a private culinary school. The cord needs to be cut.)

Dominick began his summer at 306 pounds.

After torturous exercise and a not-so-grueling diet (because the food he was eating looked delicious) for 110 days, Dominick weighed 219 pounds.

“Oh my God, I made my goal!” That’s what he said. (And he said he had fun… Really?) Good job Dominick! Make delicious food!

(AND HIS MOM LOST 64 pounds?!?! GO MOM!)

5 thoughts on “MTV’s “I Used to Be Fat” – Dominick

  1. Public Fat

    Stories like that make my goal of about 40 lbs seem like a mole hill…and I’m already looking at it like its a mountain! Kudos to them for their weight loss, and good luck to you with yours!


    • skinnyshae

      Every weight loss mission is a mountain. My mountain is 20 pounds, but I’m not supposed to be using numbers… that’s my new strategy. I’ll let you know if it works!

      Good luck!


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