Pajama jeans… omg… AWESOME.

I have a qualm with this creation.



Otherwise, this is the most amazing thing ever created. I want some. Someone send them to me (because I cannot rightfully spend money on these things).

Want some? Go here.

6 thoughts on “Pajama jeans… omg… AWESOME.

    • skinnyshae

      THANKS! I want to change the header picture to one of me dying on a treadmill, but I can’t get my friend into the Y to do that. And Husband would find it ridiculous and refuse.


      • candicetullis

        If I could ever find a reason to be at the Y I’d take a picture with you, but I won’t ever torture myself enough to go in there, let alone work out.


  1. candicetullis

    Oh dear god, I cannot in good conscience pass by this post without authoring a warning: Don’t do it!! They’re basically sweats!!! I cannot understand why anyone would spend $40 on cheap leggings instead of buying a pair of good-fitting jeans.


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