MTV’s “I Used to be Fat” – Marci

Dear God. That fit was amazing.

Please God. Don’t let me ever act like that. (Her trainer was kind of a jerk, but you knew why he was doing it so… meh.)

However, I know where she’s coming from. It is hard. It is painful. It is the crappiest, most horrible thing you will ever do in your life, but at 250 pounds, it’s what you have to do with your life. Marci, like Gabriella, does not have a choice. Gabriella had a better attitude…

Although, when her mom made her cook meatloaf (I assume it was meatloaf) and spinach, suddenly Marci grew up. Just goes to prove that moms can make almost anything happen.

She worked so hard. I thought she was going to kick and scream through the entire episode, but she didn’t. She kicked ass! I’m proud of Marci.

Whoever called her a “whale” can suck it.

Her final weigh in: 160 pounds. She lost 20 pounds in 89 days. Insane.

Good job, Marci.

And good job Justin. :)

9 thoughts on “MTV’s “I Used to be Fat” – Marci

  1. b.lei

    Marci inspired mee…seriously and i wish there was a way for me to email her…if anyone can help me with that,please let me knoe (: chaaow!


  2. skinnyshae

    Whoops! Good catch! I must have been typing in the dark again! Marci did lose 90 pounds to reach her goal weight of 160.

    And I haven’t been able to find the “diet” she was on, but I imagine she ate five to six smalls meals each day with a larger breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and possibly another snack. These are the proper mealtimes to eat within. Of course, I’m not sure at all what they consisted of.

    If you can find it, let me know, and I’ll post if for you. Other people have been looking for it as well. I’ll keep looking!

    Thanks for the feedback!


  3. vanessa

    I beleive she lost 90 lbs, not 20! Also, do we know why kind of diet she was on? I recall her trainer telling her that she needed to have a large breakfat and a shake for lunch and a shake for her snack and then her dinner?????


      • skinnyshae

        I plan on filtering through a lot of information soon, but I can tell you, she probably wasn’t on Nutri System or Atkins. Most likely, she simply ate right, and there are many cookbooks and meal plans available online and in bookstores. Following a healthy meal plan usually ends with weight loss or maintenance of current weight, and exercise is the other piece of the puzzle. A strict diet isn’t as necessary as a lifestyle change, which I hate hearing, but it is true. Boo.


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