Blueberries good for heart, body and diet

More on belly fat and blueberries

Keeping with the theme of muffins in places muffins don’t belong (in the pants… that’s where… never mind…), I have MORE for you about belly fat, and it’s good news.


A studyshowed rats that ate blueberries lost belly fat –the kind related to heart disease and diabetes. And they reduced cholesterol and improved glucose control. Antioxidant-rich blueberries may change how the body stores and produces glucose for energy, reducing the risk of both heart disease and diabetes. Naturally occurring chemicals, called anthocyanins, show promise in mitigating those health concerns. Men with risk factors for heart disease who drank wild blueberry juice for three weeks experienced slight improvements.

(I don’t know why scientists test this kind of experiment on rats. Forget rats! Humans can eat blueberries and not die, as long as they aren’t allergic, of course. Why didn’t they use human subjects to prove that blueberries banish belly fat? Oh know! IRB and blah!)


Anyway, I have a few more banish fat superfoods for you to consume!

  1. Green tea – catechins may trigger weight loss
  2. Soup (broth or tomato-based) – to feel fuller
  3. Low-cal green salads – not covered in cheese and dressing
  4. Yogurt – contains a lot of good nutrients (add fruit)
  5. Beans – protein and fiber to help you stay fuller longer
  6. Water – duh
  7. Light diet shakes – for your meal replacement beverage
  8. High-fiber, whole-grain cereal – and never skip breakfast! Don’t do it!
  9. Grapefruit – discourages type II diabetes? (I have no idea. Pretty sure diabetes has a mind of its own.)
  10. Mangoes – for extra fruit and fiber

Pretty much the same as yesterday in a nice little list. I like lists.

In other news: Last night I watched my newest nephew (Sister-in-Law’s ADORABLE baby boy) while she and her husband went to play volleyball. I don’t know about your 3-month-old nephew, but mine got bored with whatever it was that I was doing pretty quick. To occupy him, and myself, we walked around the house “looking” at things until we got bored with them.

Guess what we found?

Yep. The mirror.

The baby LOVED looking at himself for a little while until he screamed at his reflection and decided that he had pissed himself off (so cute!), and we left the mirror, but not before I discovered the extra excess muffin top sitting on my jeans.

I stopped dead in my tracks just staring at it. It has NEVER looked like that. I cannot even describe it. It’s like… Well, it’s gross. That’s the point. And, still, I have no desire to get up and workout. I just want to lay around and watch television about UFOs. I suck.

I hope your banishing belly fat mission is going much better than mine.


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  1. candicetullis

    Did you know you can broil grapefruit with sugar and cinnamon? I saw a recipe for it the other day! Never tried it but it sounds yummmmmy.


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