No workout yet… but I’m eating turkey!

I have my second Fit Test for Insanity today, and my second set of measurements. After Christmas, I’m not sure I’ll see much difference; but my expectations are pretty low for change so I won’t be disappointed.

I have not exercised yet because I’m at my mother’s house doing laundry (lots of dirty clothes). These are the things that I do: laundry. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. And then I have to go to the bank,and then I have to pay rent, and then I’ll workout. Yay! (And then I’ll put the clothes away, and then I’ll clean the house, and then… sigh…)

Husband is at home taking some much needed guy time. I’m pretty sure I smothered him with love yesterday because it was our anniversary. (It really was our anniversary – that post was fun and truthful!) :) It was our one year anniversary, which is fantastic! They say the first year is the hardest (whoever they are), and now it should be pie. Well, some kind of cheesecake, at least.

Last night, we went to a fancy pants restaurant, which I usually really enjoy – we just usually can’t afford it. Last night, we were able to afford it because they comped both of my meals… Yeah, I was that customer.

I ordered some sort of winter vegetable pasta with an onion brandy jus. Sounds freakin’ delicious, right? Well, it wasn’t. It was actually pretty terrible. I picked out the carrots and ate those with the goat cheese and grilled chicken. I tried to eat the asparagus… It wasn’t cooked to my liking (I like it roasted). I tried to eat it. I really did. But I gave up and mentioned to Husband off-handedly that I hated ordering the wrong thing at expensive places.

Our waiter heard me.

I didn’t even see him, but he walked by and heard me say, “This is really kinda gross.”

Then, the waiter did something I have never been allowed to do as a server or bartender… He took my nasty pasta away and brought me tasty pasta… for free. I was in shock.

The manager came by and asked if the Lemon Pepper Penne was more my taste, and yes it was! I like lemon pepper (very strong spicy citrus flavors), but I ordered the vegetable thing because I wanted to be healthy and try something new. I should never try new things.

However, after eating almost half of two pasta dishes, I had NO room for dessert, and no real desire for it, so that’s good. Although… that chocolate puff pastry is fantastic, and I am almost sad I missed it. I munched dark chocolates at home with wine and spent the rest of our lovely evening being in awe of my wonderful husband. I love that man.

I had planned on wearing a beautiful red dress Husband picked out for me almost a year ago… that I haven’t worn for almost a year. I don’t remember looking pregnant in it. The skirt part is very A-line with a pleated front. My hips are wide and pull the pleat out to make a baby-shaped bubble over my belly. I tried. Asked Husband. He shrugged. I put the black jersey dress on. It’s very flattering.

(I also decided that I would try to wear pantyhose again… Not a good idea. Pantyhose are the devil, I’m sure of it.)

Right now… well, I’m recalling my anniversary right now… but I’m also watching a ghosty show on Discovery Channel, doing laundry and eating turkey. I feel good today… tired, but good.

When I get home, I’ll exercise and take my measurements and, hopefully, not have a sad about the fact that I haven’t lost or gained anything. Certainly not progress.

LET’S GO HEALTHY LIVING! WOOOOOO! Can I get someone to raise the roof? No, really. I have no upper body strength. ;)