MTV’s “I Used to Be Fat” – Gabriella

While doing laundry and lesson plans, I stumbled across MTV’s new show, “I Used to Be Fat,” which follows one person on their journey to change their life.

The story I saw today was about Gabriella, a high school senior who spent her summer before college learning how to eat right and working off the excess weight she was carrying.

Unlike most, if not all, of MTV reality shows, I actually enjoyed this one. It wasn’t Jersey Shore, at least.

My favorite scene was where she and her trainer, Katie, were exercising on the beach, and she was dragging around a 30 pound weight right after she lost 30 pounds. Seeing her struggle with the weight (she was doing great, don’t get me wrong) makes me think how it is ever possible to live with weight that’s too heavy for your arms to lift. I said I couldn’t raise the roof as a joke; I know I can’t bench press more than 30 pounds…

I do not have 90 pounds to lose, which is how much Gabriella lost at the end of 111 days, but I have weight hanging on to me that doesn’t let me be the happiest person I can be.

Check out her story here. She’s fabulous.

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