Holiday food = murder on my stomach

Violently ill last night? Me? You are correct, sir!

Holiday food over the weekend literally murdered my insides. I was so sick and in so much pain, I couldn’t even watch Food Network without wanting to vomit. A commercial for some restaurant came on TV… Chili’s or Applebee’s… and I almost died.

Don’t squeeze the lime! Just don’t… No…

I’m better now, though, and eating… again. I have a new food to fear… chili (for a while it was oatmeal because I barfed that up once, but we’re cool now). Chili and I, however, are not speaking.

I’ve never reacted so ridiculously to food (with an exception for any and all dairy products) so I’m not really sure why I felt like butt most of last night. However, I’m blaming my illness on holiday food, greasy food, sugary baked goods and an assortment of other things I really shouldn’t be eating anyway.

Let me tell you: It might be easier now to eat right if bad food is what did this to me. It won’t work for very long, but at least I’ll feel super healthy for a few days.

Also, I suck at working out right now. I promise I will do better tomorrow!

One thought on “Holiday food = murder on my stomach

  1. Shay

    Nice post!
    And I felt like throwing up at the sight of food too. However, my dad likes watching Iron Chef America so I just ran to my room and watched recorded tv so I could skip over all food-related things. And I never feel like exercising. Even though I’m always the same weight, it just makes me feel gross, so I decided to empower myself by picking songs and sending them to the Spinning Class leader person, so I can listen to all my favorite songs and make exercise less painful. hahah.


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