Happy Christmas! (and it was)

Happy Christmas! I hope yours was merry. Mine was!

Christmas began at 7:00 a.m. when I started breakfast: sausage gravy, bacon, eggs, hashbrowns and cinnamon apples. Husband and I have decided that we need to stop eating greasy food. (I see a New Year’s Resolution coming on…)

After breakfast, we opened our gifts (Husband and I) and celebrated joyously for my NEW LAPTOP! YEAH! Remember when I said that my laptop was on its last leg of life? Well, it was, and my loving Husband knew this so he bought me a new one, which is fast, fantastic and perfect for my lifestyle.

Husband got me a laptop; I got him fancy underwear from Jockey. Go me. However, I also got him thermals, new work socks (because his old ones were gross) and something more thoughtful: I drew him a picture with graphite and colored pencil of his favorite beer – Guinness. I bought him an Old Man’s Bartender’s Guide, a book about Guinness and a calendar featuring Ireland. I think he wins, but my gifts were pretty good, too.


Guinness drawing, Ireland calendar 2011 and Oldmen's Drinking Guide
Husband's presents... minus the underwear...


Ivan got a present, too. It didn’t last long.


Ivan the German Shepherd skinnyshae
It was a stuffed Christmas duck! Santa hat, too!
Stuffed Dog Toy Christmas Duck Destroyed
Ivan the German Shepherd sleeping skinnyshae
He was pooped after murdering his duck.


That’s my boy!

We went to In-Laws’ house for Christmas dinner, which consisted largely of beef (ribs, brisket, you know…) and it was delicious. Father-in-Law made experimental beans – also delicious, and then we ate cheesecake and Lindt dark chocolates – super delicious. I do see an OVERHAULED diet in my future. Boo.

For presents, Husband got a jersey and some new sweat pants, and I got a blender and a nice picture, as well as some German Shepherd cards. Wonderful!

My Christmas was merry. I hope yours was, too.

Now, it is definitely time for this little elf to go to bed. See you next time… when fitness, diet and beauty reclaim my lazy life.

(I did not :( workout today… and I probably won’t tomorrow either. Boo.)

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