Pure Cardio and Christmas Eve

Working out on a holiday? WHAT? Well, if I don’t, I’ll get lazy and NEVER WORKOUT AGAIN. Over-dramatic? Yes. True? Yes.

Pure Cardio isn’t too bad, and I say that only because it is the shortest Insanity DVD and allows for break-taking at any point I want one because there aren’t any built-in breaks. I’m almost excited for it, but I’m not sure yet…

However, I am more excited for (for sure) about the fact that it’s Christmas Eve.

Today marks two wonderful occasions for me: 1) it’s Christmas Eve! and 2) one year ago Husband proposed! It’s my “I got engaged” anniversary. No presents, but how exciting, right? :)

Husband and I usually open gifts Christmas Eve because we have so much to do Christmas Day with our families, but this year is different. This year, since he works night-shift on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we’re celebrating when he gets home Christmas morning. It’s like waiting for Santa… only he’s your husband. Maybe not…

Anyway, I am making the most awesome Christmas breakfast ever. And, by the most awesome, I mean: There is going to be a ton of food! Bacon, sausage country gravy, sausage, apples and cinnamon, toast, eggs and hashbrowns. No French toast, no pancakes, no waffles -because Husband is weird and doesn’t like those thing. I don’t get it, either, but I agreed because I am already filling myself with horrible amounts of fat and calories sans the sugary stuff… I just really like the sugary stuff…

skinnyshae makes Christmas Breakfast
Fattening food is... DELICIOUS!

(And I suck at cooking bacon unless I’m allowed to burn it!)

And then, we open presents! He got me two presents: a big one and one that is shaped like a DVD. I think it’s a DVD, but of what? I don’t know! How exciting! Husband, knowing my affinity for snooping, hid my presents at his parents’ house until this week. They are already wrapped really neatly -so his mom or dad did it -and now I can’t snoop. Boo.

I got him his presents (which are not wrapped nicely at all) throughout the month of December, and I can’t tell you yet in the off-chance he reads this or someone at work does and tells him! Just  know: His presents are awesome, but not as awesome as my presents, which is what he keeps telling me. Apparently, I got the Taj Mahal or something extraordinary like that.

I can’t wait for tomorrow! :)

Today, however, I must wait, wait and wait and waaaaiiittt… Boo. I’m going to occupy myself by doing Pure Cardio, and then taking my little brother and mom and grandparents their presents because we aren’t celebrating Christmas Day with them :(

(But I have presents so they have to forgive me!)

Happy Christmas Eve!

UPDATE: After less than 10 minutes of Pure Cardio, I got so pissed off I just stared at the TV with my arms crossed debating on whether I should cry or throw something. Instead, I just turned the DVD off, said I’d do it later and hoped I wouldn’t be as angry next time.

Unlike, I’m sure, normal people, I get angry when working out. All that adrenaline pumps through, and I don’t use it for good; I use it to get mad -apparently. Maybe it’s because working out makes me feel fat and unhealthy (I know, right?). Maybe it’s because the women on the DVD (and at the gym, school, etc.) have perfect boobs in sports’ bras, which isn’t possible unless they’re fake, which I can’t tell, (but no one jiggles during Jumping Jacks…).

Right now, I am mostly upset with myself for being so NOT into my workout, not for stopping. If I don’t try again later, I’ll be really mad at myself, and then I’ll get all depressed about it and hate on working out for a really long time, which isn’t good. No one really like me when I feel like this… I need to go rediscover my motivation… I want cookies. Boo.

(Side note: Isn’t this so depressing during a Christmas Eve post? Fail.)

Second UPDATE: I did not do Pure Cardio. I will do it tomorrow. And it will be okay.

I went to my mother’s house, did a little laundry, played Nerf guns with my little brother (because I just got him a new one) and visited with my grandparents who always put me in a better mood no matter how upset I am. (They also gave me candy…)

I took my little brother, who is 7, to the store with me to find wanton wrappers, and we walked by the flower case. He said, “Sissy, why don’t we get Grandma and Grandpa flowers for Christmas?” So we got a bouquet, and I’ve never been happier with that child. (He was probably trying to suck up right before Santa came, but cute is cute darn it!)

The wonton wrappers were for sausage wantons… Not a good idea. I have the heartburns… Boo.


10 thoughts on “Pure Cardio and Christmas Eve

  1. tuesday2

    I stumbled upon your blog and as I read it, I felt like I could hear your voice. Great writing style!

    Great honesty in your words too! Working out always feels better when it’s over. I have to actually go to the gym (or go for a run outside) to stay motivated through a work out… A dvd is too easy to quit! :D

    There is always tomorrow. Well, actually the day after Christmas would be better!

    Enjoy your holiday!



    • skinnyshae

      Tomorrow I will try again. Every day is a good day to try again.

      For me, the gym is really awkward unless I have someone right there with me telling me what to do and how long to do it, which is why I think the DVD works best for me (when my gym bddy is out of town at least). And running outside is impossible in my neighborhood… tooooo many people. I don’t like running around when people are working on their lawns. AWKWARD! :)

      Happy Christmas! Hope your run is merry!


  2. thebettylife

    Happy Christmas to you! Well done for getting out the workout DVD, it takes a lot to actually get the motivation to do that, and 10 mins is better than nothing. Don’t be too hard on yourself :)


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