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Memories and a day for recovery

Last night, I spent the most wonderful time at the Anchor, in Wichita, with my oldest friend. And by oldest, I mean I’ve known this girl as long as I’ve known simple math, how to spell correctly and almost how to tie my shoe (I was late on this…). For example, our first ever conversation went like this…

Shae: Do you want to be my friend?

Sami: Uh, yes, yes I do.

(We were five.)

Sami Jo -a fickle, foolish and shameless scatter brain who can’t sit still -and I talked over a couple of Rare Vos’ (awesome) about old times and high school and what we’ve been up to lately.

Every Christmas, she comes back home from New York, and we try to hang out (usually succeeding).

Since going to New York, she has probably done (and is doing again) one of the coolest jobs ever: a flight attendant. So, one day she has a flight out of the country, and she’ll spend a night in Rome. OHM-G! To travel… Yeah, it’s work, but it’s cool work.

Check out her blog on tumblr: samiwaslike. It is full of pretty things! MISS YOU SAM JAM!

And, as for that day of recovery… I’m not taking the day off my exercise routine. No, no. That’s for Sunday. Today is Cardio Recovery, which basically means I will still be in complete pain for 40 minutes, but there isn’t any cardio. Not a fair trade-off… in my book.

(And, hey, Happy Christmas Eve Eve!)

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