Crapy workout, Women’s Health Mag and (soon) Oatmeal :)

My workout sucked today. Maybe I was tired? I feel tired. It was probably sucky because I’m tired.


Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance is not really that -it’s just more plyometrics. In fact, it is more plyo than the actual plyo program. I hate jumping. I died with nine minutes left, including the stretch.

I guess this was just an update to tell you that I had a crappy workout; I’m sad about it but it’s probably because I’m tired… and because it was just more plyo.


If you’re not into the Insanity workouts (and since unhappy post is unhappy), Women’s Health Magazine puts out the “Ultimate Fitness Plan 2009” (2010, 2011, etc.), and I usually get it via one of their newsletters.

The Ultimate Fitness Plan, had I heeded its advice, would have checked “get into shape” and “get a hot body” off my New Year’s Resolutions’ list. Instead, I just got jigglier. Maybe I can heed their advice this year, as we make headway into 2011, which I am now naming: “The Year of the Hardcore Body.”

The Ultimate Fitness Plan 2009 outlined three things standing in my way of getting a hardcore body: posture, belly fat and a stagnant routine.

First, sitting is murder on your poster, so stand up! When you do get up, don’t just work your chest, abs and quads; remember your posterior muscles –the traps, back, hamstrings and glutes. Muscle imbalance prevents your body from operating efficiently.

Make it happen: Your posterior muscles are the ones that run from the back of your neck to your heels like the irector spinae (the cable-like muscles flanking your spine from butt to the base of your skull), which keep your spine stacked when you bend; and the glutes, the largest muscle group, the hamstrings (three muscles running diagonally across the backs of your thighs). Your glutes keep you from toppling over and give you power when running, and your hamstrings keep you from falling on your face when you bend over. Finally, at the end, your calves keep excess pressure off your knees.

Second, functional fitness moves mimic moves done outside the gym. When was the last time you just pumped something heavy in an upward and downward motion (like when you do bicep curls)? Probably never. Stagnant muscle movements may make you look good, but they won’t help you bend and twist in functional ways.

Make it happen: To build lean muscle, burn fat, increase strength, endurance and range of motion, and stay injury-free –opt for functional fitness moves. Instead of moving weights up and down, in and out, pull them diagonally across your body –this way, you train your muscles to work together and strengthen them to work independently of each other. The result is lean, athletic bodies that look fantastic and are built for performance.

Third, excess belly fat can wreck your body and your health.

Make it happen: Do speed intervals! (Never heard of this before.) People who did 30 minutes workouts with short, hard efforts lost three times as much fat in 15 weeks as those who did easy, 45 minute ones. (Shoot! Insanity has reason and proof of being legal!) Technically, you burn more fat as fuel during steady exercise, but you burn better –even when resting –when you go fast. Interval training increases body cells’ fat-frying ability by 50 percent. And because it’s harder, you body takes longer to return to normal when you’re done (muscle tissue is building!).

Here is the actual workout for 2009. Let me tell you –a lot of those moves are reminiscent of Insanity.

And here for 2010. Nothing for 2011… yet.

Check it out! I’ve done some of Women’s Health Magazine’s workouts, but I’m not dedicated enough to keep doing them EVEN though I am almost dedicated enough to do Insanity all the time. Almost.

Crappy workout is crappy, but tomorrow is another day, and I’ll eat oatmeal so I feel healthier. :)