Starting off on the right foot… Workout Fail.

Beginning my journey of healthful living didn’t quite start on the right foot -excuse the cliché.

Instead of getting up early, eating a filling breakfast of Cheerios and having ONE cup of coffee (or I’ll never make it through the day), I slept in, ate about five spoonfuls of Cheerios and roast beef lunch meat and am chugging coffee as I type to you. Yeah…

And I’ve only been awake for an hour. Sweet!

Which means I have not yet made it to my workout. My excuse: I’m digesting. And cardio really mixes things up. I have decided, until P90X comes back to my house, I am going to do Insanity. (I’m shuddering and you should have looks of horror on your face.)

Insanity is the only fitness program I own that can kill me. I predict that I will not make it through, let alone past, the warm up (which is only nine minutes long). The first DVD in their regimen is Plyometrics, which is cruel and unusual punishment, which I thought I was protected against by the Constitution… but whatever. It’s cool, I guess.

Here’s the thing: Insanity never gives you a break. Not a real one. Ask me to run for an hour at any pace I please, and I’ll do it, and I’ll do it again the next day. Ask me to sprint for three minutes at my hardest level of intensity, and I’ll do it. Just don’t ask me to do it again for at least three minutes. Oh, 30 seconds? Again? Sure, why not? Water break? I can’t swallow!

Insanity is going to kill me. Just wait and see.

Instead of giving you daily updates via my blog about Insanity as a workout program, I’ll talk about it weekly. Working out is boring, no matter what you do or where you do it, so I certainly don’t want to talk about it strictly for a month. Remember, we still have to talk about diet and beauty, and I still need to post more stories for the journals series. Two? Not really enough to make a series.

Of course, I do plan on getting back on directly after my workout today (i.e. when someone peels me off the living room floor) and letting you know how it went. I’m sure you are ALL glued to your seats in anticipation.

Eh. What is it with the clichés today? Boo.