Challenge Day 1: A slacks ensemble

It is Day 1 of my challenge to dress (and be) well!

I’m taking things pretty causally so far by sleeping in and rushing through my morning routine. Not off to a good start.

Today, I decided to wear black, pinstripe pants with a high waist, a white lace cami and a black decorative collar blouse-thing. I am also wearing trouser socks with lined pattern and heel-booties that look like witch shoes. I’ve got some earrings in my ears, as well as my standard wedding and mood ring combo.

skinnyshae in slacks ensemble
Not a big fan of this look...

That is where my ability to look nice stopped.

I tried to do my hair this morning but to no avail, so it’s still a giant mess pulled up in a messy bun with flyaways and frizzies everywhere. I did not put my contacts in because I had lotion hands and didn’t want to touch my eyeballs with them (washed hands or not), but I did put eyeshadow on in defiance of my glasses. I am also wearing other makeup  (blush, powder, foundation, tinted lip balm, the works!) on a freshly washed, toner-ed and moisturized face. I’m still on the fence about putting mascara and eyeliner on -they make my eyes itch. Boo.

I suppose today I feel moderately nice and moderately uncomfortable. The shoes are easy to wear for hours at a time so I’m not worried about them. My shirts I wear all the time anyway so they’re fine. It’s the pants…

These pants are so high-waisted that they come up past my belly button, which is totally weird and uncomfortable for me. I’m used to jeans right around the hip region, not low-riders or whatever they’re called, but just lower and not touching my rib cage. And they don’t stretch like jeans do either.

These pants are also almost impossible to get out of! Who decided it was a good idea to have more than one button? It’s not even a button-fly, which I am also strongly against; it is a button, hook-snap combo with a zipper that is so tiny I’m afraid it’ll rip. I had to go to the bathroom really bad and got stuck in my pants! I made it out okay, I’m not three… Anyway, the point is that they suck.

However, I will wear them again. If I’m going to get used to the feeling of these pants, I can’t just wear them once and toss them out. I have to keep trying. Who knows? Maybe they’ll feel more comfortable after I wash them.

My other qualm with my ensemble is that the shirt I am wearing makes me look pregnant, which I had never noticed before. From now on, if you see me wearing it, tell me I look pregnant so I’ll stop. Thank you.

Upon coming to work today and teaching my classes, no body really noticed that I dressed up. When I’m usually in jeans, I still tend to wear blouses (however boring and slouchy) and heels to work so my students can see me from behind the podium, so it’s impossible for people to notice a slight difference. I’ll try doing my hair tomorrow to see if I get any other reactions. Maybe in class tonight, where I am ALWAYS wearing yoga pants and oversized sweatshirts, I’ll get some, “Hey, Shae, what’s with the slacks?” which is really all I want.

Well, I also want Husband to notice. I did try today. I tried really really hard! Tomorrow, I’ll try harder and be ten times more fantastic than today!

I went to visit my old job today on campus. I used to work at University Relations as a student assistant where I wrote student and academic profiles for the university website. I was a very confident person when I worked there. I rarely ever second guessed myself or the way I looked or acted. When I went back today, it was easy to remember why. I worked with so many people who just built me up and built me up. That job was the kind that grew a person.

I still don’t know why I lost that confidence, and while I look prettier than usual, I don’t necessarily feel pretty. Maybe I’ll change my shirt or put on a necklace or something. Tomorrow is always another day.

UPDATE: Well, I changed. I’m still wearing the pants! I know, it makes no sense. But, I did want to wear the frumpy shirt anymore. Maternity out, sexy in. I’m wearing an off the shoulder number… still in black. I need some color.

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