skinnyshae on honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta

I fell off the horse: When you can’t get back on the wagon of weight loss

What does it feel like when you fall off the wagon? Do you feel lost, annoyed, frustrated and confused? I do.

At the end of every semester of college, for the past four and half years, I have not only gained weight, but also gotten sick. I know why… and it’s a sad realization.

Finals Week has always been a tiring and stressful time for me, but, as of my junior semester of college, I find that Finals Month is more stressful. Final projects become more important that final tests. I cannot even tell you the last time I took an actual test instead of turning in or presenting a final project. In graduate school, professors require BOTH final tests and final projects and papers. In my COMM 801 research class, I have a final paper, project (that I have to present) and test within one week of each other. I am going crazy!

Since I am so stressed out, I find outlets to relieve that stress… none of them are good for me. For example, I currently have no fingernails, not really anyway. I have bitten them into oblivion, and they hurt.

Second, I enjoy fattening comfort foods instead of healthy health foods so now I’m also bloated.

Third, I completely ignore working out or going to the gym or walking the dog or yoga -even though all of those activities could relieve my stress. But I associate my body image and confidence with stress (shush I’m working on it) and working out usually exacerbates my anxiety.

Fourth, I have a compulsion to worry about horrible things happening like getting bad grades and failing grad school, which is so dumb, but I can’t help it. Maybe I need therapy… sigh…

So, ladies and gentlemen, skinnyshae -a blogger about diet, fitness and beauty -has fallen off the weight loss wagon. And it’s not even the holidays’ fault.

I’m afraid that I won’t get back on every year, but then I remember, “Oh, yeah… NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS!” Do they last? Not usually. But I always try, and that’s the important part.

I hope I can get back on the wagon, but Lord knows it’s hard. However, Women’s Health Magazine has lovingly provided an article about motivation, seemingly in the nick of time! “Find Your Motivation to Get Fit,” by Liz Plosser outlines a few motivation techniques:

  • make a commitment contract to your workout regime/gym/diet plan/health goals
  • find some friends who’ll help you (not hinder your progress)
  • make it personal – don’t let the obstacles in your path keep you from hiking up the trail

It’s a good article with some fantastic examples. Motivation is key to any workout/diet regimen. I have a partner in the gym (my coworker) and a partner in the home (Husband). Now, I just need to make it personal. I need to find my desire to do better.

What is your motivation technique?

skinnyshae on honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta
Me on my honeymoon when I was confident and happy and stress free. I want that back.

3 thoughts on “I fell off the horse: When you can’t get back on the wagon of weight loss

  1. Stephanie

    Stress is only what you put on yourself! So my daughter who burns her candle at both ends. Deep breath and relax, enjoy your life because before you know it you will be old like me with a lot of what ifs.

    Love you


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