Some resolutions for a healthier (if not skinnier) new year

Cute resolutions for a healthier (than last year) 2011 from Diets in Review – one of my favorite web sites for health and fitness.

  1. Replace one soda with a glass of water each day
  2. Wake up 30 minutes early during the work week, and use that time to do something for yourself: read, meditate, eat (a good) breakfast, take a walk or simply feel not rushed.
  3. Take your lunch to work at least once a week. (I make Husband’s lunch every night before he leaves for work to keep him from eating work food. Sometimes it works!)
  4. Eat dinner at the table without TV or other media interference at least one night a week. (I’m really not good at this either…)
  5. Pay for and attend three sessions with a personal trainer. (Sometimes, when you join a gym on a special, you can get those sessions included in your package.)
  6. Get a physical.
  7. Take a multi-vitamin every morning.
  8. Play outside with your kids (dogs, spouse, siblings, etc.) for an hour every weekend.
  9. Don’t eat in the car. (It’s also just dangerous!)

I love getting these little newsletters. So much fun in the simplest ways.

Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope your new one is as memorable as the last!

My 2011 New Year’s Resolutions!

It’s that time of the year!

You know… the time when we assess everything about ourselves that we hate and make a promise to change, which is depressing and unfair. However, we often need to make those changes and commitments.

For example, I am really lazy. I’m not lazy when it comes to work or school or teaching. I’m lazy when it comes to taking care of myself, which has been explained before here.

This laziness is murder on my self-esteem and my confidence, but it pumps up my happiness. I like wearing yoga pants (all the time) and pulling my hair up in a bun (everyday) and not wearing makeup (ever). Unfortunately, I hate feeling comfy and I hate my hair in a bun and I hate my uneven skin tone without makeup. I am an enigma.

Dilemma? Oh, yeah. (Does it make sense? No. And it doesn’t need to, boys.)

For 2011, my resolutions are not to lose weight, to exercise more or to eventually run a 5K, which I could never do anyway. Instead, my resolution is to be less lazy with my life.

Yes, I want to workout more. Yes, I want to eat healthy. Yes, I want my jiggle to go away when I brush my teeth. But those resolutions are not all I want for next year. I want to cook more (and better – so it tastes good). I want to grocery shop like a freakin’ pro and start saving money.ย  I want to sleep more than five hours a night. I want to walk the dog more.

While none of those are actual resolutions (maybe, kinda), they all involve me being WAY less lazy than I am.

However, if your resolution is to lose weight, check out this article by, this article by Women’ or this one by Ladies’ Home Journal.

I just want to have a desire to do all the things I need and I want to do. Less lazy. Yep. (Although, if I lose a little weight on the way… GO ME!)

A resolution I’ll keep!

WordPress launched DailyPost and WeekleyPost to challenge bloggers to p0st daily or weekly. Since I have SO much to say, I’ll be posting daily! I’m needy and attention-seeking and not at all ashamed.

Get ready for 2011 folks. Get ready.

skinnyshae by photographer Ashley Wiederstein

Sad face and lazy a$$

Yeah… I know, bad words… Ugh.

I’m a sad face because I’m being lazy.

Right now I am lying on my couch, laptop in lap (as it should be), munching dark chocolate and watching Extreme Forensics, which is an awesome show.

Unfortunately, I am not exercising. I don’t even want to; I just want to lay here for the next three hours until I go babysit. This is not good because if I don’t exercise, I feel like epic fail, and then I get all sad. Current situation on point.

And it isn’t like I don’t have plenty of motivation to get me off the couch and moving. For example, my anniversary is in a few days, and I want to look super fine in my pretty red dress and heels. Another: I bought boots yesterday to wear when (if) it snows because my old boots have holes, and when I stood up (with one leg bent), I noticed calf muffin top – not cool.

I’ve got motivation – oodles of it! – but absolutely no desire.

I want French fries, a burger and a beer. I want to go back to bed. I want to lay around. These are not good wants. The next few days, going into the new year, are going to include a complete revamping of the things that I want.

I think I might hypnotize myself.

(If I am lettin’ ya’ll down, I’m sorry. I’m still trying, but today… I just don’t want to. Boo.)

(Also, my Dove dark chocolate desires that I remember the simple pleasures in life. So… making mud pies with frogs and sticks and leaves in them. Frogs are not good in mud pie. I miss being six.)

Posts to Resume… soon…

You know how I usually post a lot. Well, I can’t get to any of my documents right now, which is where I’m hiding all my really awesome posts… so as soon as I can get to them (via some Word program), I’ll begin posting anew. While you’re bored with me, check out the many number of blogs on my blogroll because all of those people were awesome (especially Miss Dana at mylittlecelebration and Candice at A College Kid’s Kitchen).

Holiday food = murder on my stomach

Violently ill last night? Me? You are correct, sir!

Holiday food over the weekend literally murdered my insides. I was so sick and in so much pain, I couldn’t even watch Food Network without wanting to vomit. A commercial for some restaurant came on TV… Chili’s or Applebee’s… and I almost died.

Don’t squeeze the lime! Just don’t… No…

I’m better now, though, and eating… again. I have a new food to fear… chili (for a while it was oatmeal because I barfed that up once, but we’re cool now). Chili and I, however, are not speaking.

I’ve never reacted so ridiculously to food (with an exception for any and all dairy products) so I’m not really sure why I felt like butt most of last night. However, I’m blaming my illness on holiday food, greasy food, sugary baked goods and an assortment of other things I really shouldn’t be eating anyway.

Let me tell you: It might be easier now to eat right if bad food is what did this to me. It won’t work for very long, but at least I’ll feel super healthy for a few days.

Also, I suck at working out right now. I promise I will do better tomorrow!

Cooking Fiasco!

A fiasco is the only word in existence to properly describe the things that happened in my kitchen this morning.

It began a little like this.

*beep beep beep*

Shae: Ugh.

Yep! I got up on the right side of the bed still tired with a stuffy nose. Of course, a cup of coffee and a hot shower fixed me right up. To the kitchen I went.

The kitchen – where horrible atrocities of the culinary variety occurred – was clean and sanitized from a good scrubbing the night before. My ingredients were easily found and ready for me. It was going to be an adventure! I usually like adventures (apparently not of the culinary variety… more of the travel kind…).

I mixed up the ingredients for my corn fritters (those little corn nuggets of glory) and began to heat the oil. Then, something wasn’t right… Something was very wrong.

Kitchen fire!

No, I’m just kidding! Joking! Ha ha! However, if I ever do set fire to my stove (again), I’ll let you know.

The thing that went very wrong with my fritters was that they did not hold. The batter was more like pancake batter – like I had mixed Bisquick and was planning on dumping it into a half-inch of oil. Not a good idea. (You’re going to roll over and cut your bits off. -Eddie Izzard)

So the soup that was my corn fritter batter was transformed by the addition of so much flour that the end result, which Husband figured out, tasted a lot like corn-flavored funnel cake (and was not very good).

While Husband was successfully frying the nasty fritters, I ran to the store to find ANYTHING else worthy off a mash-up Christmas dinner. Okra? All right.

When I got home and decided that the fritters were for the garbage disposal (Ivan ate one… gross…), we fried up the okra in the preprepared oil because it was already hot, and we were running out of time. Not a good idea. Not sure if the oil was too hot or too something, but we ended our okra attempt with some very crunchy okra. Blech!

After two disturbing attempts at creating a masterpiece of culinary glory worthy of Kitchen Stadium (heh… kidding…), Husband and I decided, what the heck, Chinese food.

I ordered a Party Platter of fried rice from Great Wall. They didn’t understand – obviously – that I only needed to serve about 10 people with this rice. I could feed a friggin’ army of growing football players and two dogs with the some 15 pounds of rice these people made for me.

So much rice… I left it in the car until we left for Christmas in Newton. Still warm under its own mass.

I know I should have taken pictures, but my recipes were so confusing and all over the place that I couldn’t decide what to do. It was a travesty of many, I’m sure. However, if I ever speak of frittering something again, stop me. Scream at me. Yell and kick and convince me that, no, I don’t know what I’m doing and should just stop.

Fritters are bad for your heart any way, as is anything fried in oil (even if it was a soy/canola blend).