My furnace is broken, which begs the question…


How many calories does shivering uncontrollably from freezing to death burn?

It better be a lot.

Our heater has been broken for the last three days. While it is an awkwardly warm November in Kansas (meaning it’s not snowing or already frosted over), I am still cold, and I want my damn furnace to work. Our landlord is working on it. Apparently, everybody’s furnace breaks during Thanksgiving Day week and every heater-fixer person is busy!

I’m wearing all sweat clothes plus a COAT and a SCARF while sitting at my kitchen table. My nose is cold, and I would have it covered with the scarf but my breath fogs up my glasses. So I have a really cold nose.

It is so cold in my house that I have space heaters everywhere and the pork chops I was going to make for dinner are still not thawed even though they’ve been sitting on the cabinet for HOURS!

UPDATE: Husband cooked pork chops, and I remember how much of a nonfan of them I am.

Husband is snuggled up in the bedroom NOT freezing to death, and since I’m not tired because I slept like a rock last night, I’m not going to bother him. He works nights and sleeps until about 6 p.m., and I usually hang out with the dog (who’s fine because he has a coat attached to his body).

From my calculations, I’ve been sitting here shivering to death since I got back from the gym and extra once I got out of the shower (hope Husband didn’t want one later because ALL of the hot water is gone –like I can’t do any dishes right now). That is almost five-ish of shivering, plus 15 minutes of extra shivering because I refuse to put clothes on until I’m completely dry.

According to dalyceh, some person on I found through a super OLD Google search, shivering requires energy and burns up to 220 calories per hour, estimated for a 100 pound man.

This does me no good as I do not weigh 100 pounds. However, because I weigh more generally per hour of existence I burn more, so saying I just burned 660ish calories because I’m freezing is good, right?

I’m doing it. I am also leaving the house. It’s warmer OUTSIDE! I need more space heaters.

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