Investigators find cause of plane crash which killed two Devon women

Arturo Kim
April 6, 2019

In a news conference in Addis Ababa, Transport Minister Dagmawit Moges said: "The crew performed all the procedures repeatedly [that were] provided by the manufacturer but were not able to control the aircraft".

The family of an American woman killed in the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX filed a lawsuit on Thursday against the airline, Boeing Co and Rosemount Aerospace Inc, which makes a part of the aircraft that is the focus of investigators.

"Despite their hard work and full compliance with the emergency procedures, it was very unfortunate that they could not recover the airplane from the persistence of nosediving", the airline said.

She also said her agency will recommend that aviation authorities verify that Boeing has "adequately addressed" flight control issues "before release of the aircraft to operations".

Last year, a 737 Max 8 operated by Indonesia's Lion Air crashed, killing 189 people.

The reports come from Reuters and the Wall Street Journal and tell similar stories about what happened on the March 10 flight in Ethiopia that killed 157 people.

Boeing said it would study the report.

This update, along with the associated training and additional educational materials that pilots want in the wake of these accidents, will eliminate the possibility of unintended MCAS activation and prevent an MCAS-related accident from ever happening again.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is yet to comment on this.

Boeing on Thursday said it would take "any and all" necessary safety measures to ensure the airworthiness of its jets following last month's deadly crash in Ethiopia +.

The Ethiopian officials did not say whether the MCAS system activated because of a faulty sensor that measures the plane's angle relative to the wind.

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"If the preliminary report from the Ethiopian authorities is accurate, the pilots quickly identified the malfunction and applied the manufacturer's checklist".

Before it crashed, the pilots of the Lion Air 737 Max struggled to control it as the MCAS repeatedly pushed the plane's nose down, according to its flight data recorder.

"Blinded by its greed, Boeing haphazardly rushed the 737 Max 8 to market" and "actively concealed the nature of the automated system defects", the lawsuit alleges, demonstrating a "conscious disregard for the lives of others".

The 737 MAX, Boeing's best selling craft, has been grounded globally amid ongoing investigations and lawsuits over the plane's control system.

All 737 MAX jets have been grounded across the world by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Later on Thursday, the Accident Investigation Bureau published the full preliminary report that details the pre-impact circumstances.

Southwest Airlines Co and American Airlines Group Inc, the two largest US operators of the MAX with 34 and 24 jets respectively and dozens more on order, each said on Thursday that they continued to await guidance from USA regulators and Boeing on when the MAX could resume flying.

With power restored, the MCAS was re-engaged, the sources said, and the pilots were unable to regain control before the crash.

An investigation into the Lion Air flight suggested the system malfunctioned, and forced the plane's nose down more than 20 times before it crashed into the sea.

The pilots shut off the anti-stall system, called the Manoeuvring Characteristics Augmentation System, but switched it back on because they could not regain control, The Journal reported, citing people briefed on the preliminary findings.

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