Burger King Is Launching a Vegan "Impossible Whopper"

Dwayne Harmon
April 3, 2019

Get full access to The Kansas City Star content across all your devices. Burger King says the sandwich will use patties from Impossible Foods Inc.

"There's a lot of interest in plant-based burgers", he noted.

Fast food giants rely on their products to taste delicious (so delicious people forget how unhealthy they are) so when fast food chose to go vegan, you know plant-based proteins, at least in the flavor department, have come a very, very long way.

"That's impossible", one person said.

He said that during testing, many customers and employees couldn't tell the difference between the classic beef Whopper and the Impossible burger. If the pilot project is successful, the patties would roll out across the company's 7,200 stores - and double the number of locations in which the Impossible Burger is now sold.

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The vegetarian burger patty was created by California-based Impossible Foods, The New York Times reported. It will sell the Impossible Burger for about a dollar more than the beef version - in part because of the the difficulty plant-based companies have had matching cheap meat prices.

Burger King's chief marketing officer, Fernando Machado, said the burger passes so well that the company's internal team was even tricked.

Impossible Foods products are served at 6,000 restaurants in the United States, including Carl's Jr. and White Castle, but its partnership with Burger King is on a different scale. "We've also seen chains such as Chili's add new plant-based dishes, such as a black bean and veggie fajitas dish to the menu". That version is being used in Burger King's new meatless Whoppers.

This concept is not new. The company announced plans to offer the Impossible Burger at some of its stores, giving customers a vegetarian option that closely imitates a beef patty.

It says its meat-free burgers, to be launched in several European markets this month under the Garden Gourmet "Incredible Burger" brand and made from soy and wheat protein with beetroot, carrot, and bell pepper extracts, tasted nearly exactly like traditional beef burgers. Heme is most prominent in animal muscle, but Impossible derives it from plants.

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