WH's Sanders: Pelosi 'Sees What Rest of Us See' on Impeachment

Arturo Kim
March 15, 2019

There are all kinds of reasons being offered for why Nancy Pelosi announced Monday she does not support impeaching President Donald Trump even though she thinks he is unfit for the country's highest office.

Ms Sanders said: "Nobody wants to see President Trump impeached, other than Democrats in Congress who are failing, who have no other message, and that's because our country is doing better".

"She is lowering expectations about the prospect of impeachment and reminding people of the gravity of that move and the impact it would have politically in dividing the country, ' Rep. Gerry Connelly of Virginia told CNN". "It's important that there is a transparent process".

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), one of the Democratic contenders, was quick to say that she wasn't shutting the door on impeachment.

Moderate and even some of the most liberal House Democrats said they were supportive of the speaker after she told The Washington Post that she's not for impeachment, at least for now. "And he's just not worth it". One of the things that makes an ill-considered gambit to remove Trump "just not worth it", in Pelosi's words, is the opportunity cost. "If we're presented with compelling evidence that the president committed impeachable offenses, I think we have to vote for impeachment".

"I think what Nancy Pelosi is saying - take that off the table right now, let's continue to do our research, but let's deal with the issues that affect Americans on a day to day basis and I applaud that".

But in her latest comments to the Washington Post, she stated flat out that she is "not for" impeachment unless the evidence reaches a threshold of being both compelling and bipartisan.

The bottom line: Pelosi has enough headaches on her plate without resorting to a divisive fight over impeachment.


"I'm not going into that", Pelosi said.

"She said essentially what I've been saying. Taxpayers First", would require applicants between the ages of 18 and 65 and who are physically able, to work a minimum of 20 hours per week or to be enrolled in job training or community service, before they can receive welfare benefits like food stamps, housing assistance or Medicaid. Politico's savvy reporters speculate that Pelosi did this to create a holding pattern for Democrats, temporarily insulating them from unceasing questioning on this topic from activists by allowing them to blame Pelosi's opposition.

Pelosi continued: "I'm going to give you some news right now because I haven't said this to any press person before".

Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) also wouldn't rebuke Pelosi when he vowed to reintroduce new articles of impeachment. But now that Democrats have the opportunity to impeach, it's looking more likely they will refrain from taking that dramatic step, despite pressure from the left wing of the party.

The Democratic Speaker of the House says there will be no charges against the Republican President barring an "overwhelming and bipartisan" consensus.


Not impeaching Trump would mean condoning conspiracy with Russian Federation to interfere in federal elections; conspiracy with Saudi Arabia to direct American foreign policy in exchange for financial favors done for the President and his family; use of the Presidency for self-enrichment; and a President's use of federal agencies to obstruct an investigation. Last week, House committees led by Democrats launched a series of new investigations against the president.

But other Democrats pointed to the GOP's refusal to challenge Mr Trump over the past two years.

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