Lawmakers push to keep Tennessee on Daylight Saving Time year-round

Arturo Kim
March 10, 2019

As Daylight Saving Time goes into effect Sunday at 2 am, one MI lawmaker believes it's time to stop the time change that takes place twice a year and keep everything at Daylight Saving Time.

This weekend, we'll spring forward one hour for the start of Daylight Saving Time. Clocks will be set back an hour, and you'll get an extra hour of sleep and lose a little bit of precious sunlight in the evening.

Even so, the other parties of the war followed suit, and the United States adopted it in 1918.

The U.S. began using DST during World War I to save energy, but it stuck. The practice wasn't made permanent in the US until 1973, when President Richard Nixon signed the Emergency Daylight Saving Time Energy Conservation Act.

In November, California voters passed Proposition 7 by a 60-40 percent margin, paving the way for year-round daylight saving time.

In Arizona, Daylight Saving Time hasn't been observed in decades. Arizona and Hawaii don't observe DST, and neither do United States territories like Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and American Samoa. Versions of a Daylight Saving Bill have been discussed at the state capitol for years, including last year, when Dickerson introduced a similar proposal.

Despite plenty of ways to adjust, British Columbians are clearly ready to hit snooze on Daylight Savings Time.

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State lawmakers in ME are considering a similar change, as well as possibly moving the state to the Atlantic Time Zone.

So, should we still schedule our lives around daylight saving time?

Loved by some, loathed by many, daylight saving time has wide-ranging and often surprising implications. However, things get far more complicated within the state, as the Navajo Nation, which covers part of northeastern Arizona, does observe Daylight Saving Time, and the Hopi Reservation, which is surrounded entirely by the Navajo Nation, does not.

This also means it's time for the annual daylight saving debate - this year, centred on B.C., which is considering ditching the time change so it can remain on the same time as California.

"There's more strokes, heart attacks that are associated with moving the clocks back and forth", Lucido said. On Sunday, Floridians should set their clocks forward an hour.

Senator Marco Rubio filed a bill to make it permanent nationwide.

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