Those Captain Marvel post-credits scenes, explained

Deanna Kelley
March 9, 2019

While Fandango doesn't release exact numbers on pre-sale tickets, the movie ticket website revealed that Captain Marvel is the best selling movie that has yet to hit theaters since "Avengers: Infinity War". One aspect of the story that I really enjoyed was the way Carol Danvers's origin is told. Gaslighting, typically perpetrated by men who want to control women under the guise of mental superiority-"She's crazy" is one common refrain-is another tactic with which many women are uncomfortably familiar.

Of course, it's impossible to do a one-to-one comparison with all of these, but Captain Marvel does seem poised to make north of $130 million based on this number alone, with the film officially tracking at $125 million to $145 million.

"This is a nightmare", Cap says.

I think like the Kree and like humanity, there are good Skrulls and there are bad Skrulls. So, it happened very, very quickly soon after we got the unfortunate news. Bruce asks what guarantee they have this ends differently. There's a whole sequence of Carol and her best friend Maria (Lashana Lynch) that feels like a gender-swapped Top Gun, and I know that is a line that could outrage plenty of you, but I don't care, because I didn't even know I had a lady-aviator-sized hole in my heart before, but now it is filled. Larson's character, who has not yet become Captain Marvel, wakes from this memory in the form of a dream, but her real life is even stranger. TamilRockers has reportedly leaked Captain Marvel movie download, dubbed in Hindi and Tamil.

"Captain Marvel" has already taken in $78 million in its first two days from 25 global markets, including $34 million on its opening day in China.

Since the after credits scene shows Captain Marvel is with the Avengers, it's possible she was secretly edited out of the previously released "Avengers: Endgame" teaser.

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There she meets Nick Fury in the form of Samuel L Jackson, convincingly digitally altered to look 25 years younger. For the time being, it appears that Rotten Tomatoes has reset the Audience Score on the Captain Marvel page .

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The big catch for her is that she has no idea who she is, having completely lost her memory in unknown circumstances. Were they unable to track it? It's a lot to have on one's plate for someone who isn't even sure who she is.

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Moreover, World's Megan Basham blasted "Captain Marvel" for its "girl-power pandering" and What She Said's Ann Brody described the movie as "dark and empty".

Captain Marvel is the superhero name of Carol Danvers, a space pilot in the mid-1990s with a mysterious past who, after a mission goes haywire, crashes through a Blockbuster Video in California. There have been 20 films in the so-called Marvel Cinematic Universe and none of them has had a female lead.

The film reveals that Carol's adorable orange tabby, Goose, is actually a highly unsafe alien called a flerken, with enormous, Cthulu-like tentacles hidden inside its stomach. The cat ends up swallowing the Infinity Stone, with no one realizing its importance. In the latest scene to hit the internet, Captain Marvel, Nick Fury, and Talos are in the midst of an epic battle.

As Fury delivers baby-talk to Goose, the cat takes a swipe at his face, leaving several scratch marks across Fury's eyebrow and eyelid.

How this relates to MCU history is that in 1945 or so following the events of Captain America: The First Avenger (I believe this is correct) after experimenting with it, Howard Stark gives it back to SHIELD.

So now I'm off with my mother and sister to go see Captain Marvel on opening weekend.

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