The Last Jedi Director Sounds Off On Captain Marvel Criticism

Deanna Kelley
March 9, 2019

Think about it when people automatically start pitting Captain Marvel against Wonder Woman, simply because they're the only two big superhero films that have featured a woman... against an infinity of male-centric stories.

"I've had better nightmares", Natasha replies. Unbeknownst to Maria and Fury, Goose, the fuzzy orange cat Fury often cuddled with and cooed at throughout the duration of Captain Marvel, is in tow as well. "Nothing is more unsafe than emotion", he warns her. "Doubt makes you vulnerable".

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins has congratulated Brie Larson and the Captain Marvel team as the blockbuster hits movie screens around the world. There she meets Nick Fury in the form of Samuel L Jackson, convincingly digitally altered to look 25 years younger.

This shouldn't come as a surprise. I said she could time-travel one time. It's also the second-best Thursday night for a superhero's debut film after Black Panther's $25.2 million, per The Hollywood Reporter. She then vomits out the Tesseract on Fury's desk.

"A boring and bland story focused on a character with neither personality nor a single weakness", says another post critical of the film. This movie was a big step up for Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck who are mainly known for indie films.

For the time being, it appears that Rotten Tomatoes has reset the Audience Score on the Captain Marvel page. That's not clear, but certainly not that we know of. Speaking of which. There are a ton of 90's jokes in this movie.

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Samuel L. Jackson's Been Trolling Us All About Captain Marvel's Powers

That's all the stranger given Law's Voice of the Patriarchy speech to her as they spar. The soundtrack is even filled with a lot of classic 90s hits, so much so that I could've sworn I slipped and fell into a Tower Records store.

"Carol is not loveless, she's not joyless, she's not even sexless", DeConnick says. Tearing through the toughest defenses, Captain Marvel unleashes two powerful beams of cosmic energy, or "Photon" Blasts, before leaping in for an Earth shaking punch. She revealed how hard it was for her to not share her shoot experiences with anyone.

The action scenes in the film are great to watch.

The injury Fury suffered in Captain Marvel that left him without one of his eyes is evidence of him trusting someone and it coming back to very literally hurt him - and it connects to the only explicit statement Fury has given about his eye in the MCU thus far. He wants her to control her emotions, which can't be easy, because she also has to stomach his platitudes. The only person we need to prove our worth and our strength to is ourselves. "It's just people making something and you never know how people are going to react to it". "I had a ball doing this, literally", the actress told HollywoodLife in an exclusive interview at a Cinema Society screening of the film in NYC.

Scott Ladewig wrote: "The Avengers Endgame scene they showed was at Avengers HQ, Captain Marvel saying 'let's go kill Thanos.' Nebula says she knows where he is". There was a attractive tribute to Stan Lee before the beginning credits rolled and an awesome Stan Lee cameo-with a connection to Kevin Smith-that might be my favorite cameo.

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