Captain Marvel Is Certified Fresh

Deanna Kelley
March 8, 2019

The result is a larger-than-life superhero whose human alter ego is a complete bore. Its clunky first act plops audiences on Carol's personal journey as she traverses through space with the Kree army that took her in.

When the tables turned, the Oscar-winning actress asks the "Pulp Fiction" star if he honestly likes her Captain Marvel suit. But despite the online hate, Captain Marvel is as amusing, slick and occasionally convoluted as the studio's best. Sure, part of this is because of the film's response being somewhat mixed so far, but if you look at the breakdown of user reviews, it begins to appear like this aggregated rating doesn't paint an honest picture of what people think of Carol Danvers' cinematic debut.

Nia Jax asked Brie Larson how to deal with some of the women in the WWE locker room with the same tact as Captain Marvel. She's not finished training with her mentor Yon-Rogg (Jude Law) when their unit is ordered to engage the Skrull on a nearby planet.

Who says every woman needs a man? "It's not like you'll find 20,000 images". "And movies live on and can be places I can't, and I want to be conscious about what it is that I'm presenting to the world, and what those representations of life are, and how they are being shared". Farhadi handles this emotionally charged tale extremely well, and it's a treat to watch Cruz and Bardem play off each other. Vers, meanwhile, has been having disturbing flashbacks about a wise female mentor (Annette Bening), an unhappy childhood and a previous life as an air force pilot. Quick reaction: I had a good time as soon as Brie Larson and Samuel L Jackson started hanging out. The smaller throwaway moments provide the greatest payoff, such as Fury painstakingly reproducing a jailor's fingerprint to escape his cell only to have Carol casually blast a hole in the door with her fiery fist.

She'll also cross paths with a cat, who's a surprise package.

Failed banter aside, Fury allows Carol to explore her humanity. It is also about how someone can make peace with her past and realize that her true power actually comes from within. Now she has hit back at another major criticism of her character and the movie. So hearing him belt out an enthusiastic, Carpool Karaoke rendition of Ariana Grande's "7 Rings" alongside his Captain Marvel co-star Brie Larson may come as a shock to anyone who hasn't seen, say, Soul Men or The Hitman's Bodyguard.

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It's a surprising failure because, traditionally, Marvel has excelled at the origin story. "I could make up some more shit?"

In between the announcement of Captain Marvel and its release, of course, Wonder Woman arrived.

With 90s-mocking jokes about dial-up internet and the golden age of video, a fitting soundtrack that includes Garbage, No Doubt and even Nirvana, and the expected gargantuan Marvel Studios budget that allows for only the best fight scenes and sci-fi trimmings, this is mostly seriously entertaining.

Also disappointing is the lack of "90s period detailing".

Captain Marvel: rumours of a sequel already in the pipeline. Last year's "Avengers: Infinity War" suggested Larson's character would be a key figure in "Endgame".

This is a challenge for many reasons, not the least being that Danvers only has fleeting memories of her mysterious past.

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