YouTube reaches out to advertisers as AT&T, Hasbro Halt spending

Dwayne Harmon
February 26, 2019

DeFranco in his video noted that this may not be YouTube problem so much as it is the problem of the current online domain.

"I can consistently get access to it from vanilla, never-before-used YouTube accounts via innocuous videos in less than ten minutes, in sometimes less than five clicks", he stated. The spokeswoman also went on to mention, in reference to Watson's video, that total ad spending on the videos mentioned was less than $8,000 within the last 60 days, which YouTube plans to refund.

To be clear, these videos aren't pornographic, but pedophiles are using a loophole to sexually exploit kids or trade child porn in the comments. In mid-2017, a wave of advertisers fled YouTube after ads for Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper and other major brands were being shown in front of videos full of inappropriate content and hate speech.

A Nestle representative said that it will work with YouTube and determine when to start advertising with the platform again.

The company has now terminated more than 400 channels and has disabled comments on tens of millions of videos.

In the memo, YouTube has described how it is trying to protect children as major companies including Disney, Epic Games, AT&T, Nestle have pulled their ads from the platform.

A statement from a YouTube spokesperson said that YouTube has taken down a few accounts that were featured in Watson's video.

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AT&T and Hasbro have become the latest firms to pull adverts from YouTube over claims paedophiles are leaving offensive comments next to videos of children on the platform.

Epic Games and YouTube will no longer play Fortnite pre-roll ads after an investigation found the ads playing on predator-focused videos.

On Tuesday, YouTube announced an update to its community guidelines, streamlining the system and making it easier for videos to be reported and content to be removed and/or censored.

YouTube also said it removed dozens of videos that were posted without malicious intent but were nonetheless putting children at risk. In one of the videos, Watson walks around a boardwalk with a microphone and and asks strangers if they "want to make a porno". One aspect of its approach was blocking inappropriate comments on videos featuring minors.

Google does not specify its revenue from YouTube.

Nestlé, McDonald's, Disney and other companies have put on hold their advertising with YouTube because of disturbing comments about children appearing near their ads.

The situation was exposed by YouTuber MattsWhatItIs.

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