Hundreds of People From Migrant Caravan Breach US-Mexican Border

Arturo Kim
December 7, 2018

MEXICO CITY, Dec. 3 (UPI) - Thousands of migrants from the Central American caravan in Tijuana, Mexico, have put their names on a waitlist for a preliminary political asylum interview with USA authorities - a wait that could be many months.

Frustrated and exhausted after weeks of uncertainty, numerous migrants have become desperate since getting stuck in squalid camps in the Mexican border city of Tijuana.

Watch:"We've got a challenging and still potentially volatile situation in Tiajuana". We've got well over 7,000 migrants there.

After crossing into the United States they were taken in by border patrol officers.

An AP video journalist also witnessed more than two dozen migrants scale a fence between Mexico and the USA on Monday evening. "We do see individuals trying to cross illegally in the San Diego sector, we are addressing that activity and then of course you saw the scenes of the family literally dropping children over the fence". Once across, entire families raised their hands before border patrol agents who arrived swiftly in white trucks. Rights groups question the legality of that proclamation.

Customs and Border Protection said Wednesday that agents arrested the woman November 26 after she entered the country illegally near Imperial Beach, California, across the border from Tijuana, Mexico. More than 3,600 people were apprehended in the month of October.

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Media captionWhy are there so many people at USA border?

This problem, according to McAleenan, stems from weak immigration laws in the US leading migrant families to believe that they cross the border when they don't have valid asylum claims. US officials said agents had been wounded or hit by migrants throwing stones. "That a 2.5 billion dollar business of exploitation".

At least one person on the Mexico side was spotted helping adult members of the family traverse the wall at a point near the San Luis port of entry in Arizona, according to CBP. The old rusty border wall has proven to be no match for modern day drug smugglers and human traffickers says Jeroslyn Johnson of

But about 90 minutes later, she and her children were seen on the USA side of the border, according to the report. Numerous migrants have taken to camping on its flat rooftop.

The Chinese tourists also posed for pictures next to the Tijuana border wall with San Diego in California as workers kept a door open while it was being repaired.

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