The Midterms: Democrats anxious as the countdown begins

Dwayne Harmon
November 6, 2018

Democrats meantime insist that only they will protect the healthcare gains made under President Barack Obama, that Trump has employed inhumane measures to keep migrants out, and that the divisiveness he has fostered must end.

How it would happen: This appears the most likely scenario, if you're to believe the polls. The two states each have crucial governor's races with progressive, African American Democrats - Georgia's Stacey Abrams and Florida's Andrew Gillum - running against two staunch Trump allies, Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp and former Florida Rep. Ron DeSantis. That could change with a Democratic-controlled House.

If Democrats can score historic gubernatorial wins in southern states - potentially giving Florida its first black governor and the nation its first black female governor in Georgia - it will be seen as a strong rebuke of Trump in an age of deep political polarization and racially divisive campaign messaging. That means Democrats would only need to win seven of the 30 seats that Cook rates as "toss-ups".

Friday's remarks in Miami were among the most fiery, as Obama mocked the Clinton email controversy of 2016 and blasted Republicans warning about the approaching migrant caravan.

The US mid-term election campaign is entering a frenzied final day in a vote seen as a verdict on Donald Trump's presidency. Nancy Pelosi has said that Democrats are working on new rules to allow for more debate on the House floor. Sinema teaches two courses on social work at the university and has multiple degrees from the school, and was widely recognized, even by ticket scalpers.

Democratic candidates pledge they will take up legislation to increase the minimum wage, expand child care availability and control prescription drug costs.

In the battle for the Senate, Democrats are defending seats in 10 states that Trump won in the 2016 presidential election, including a handful that he won by double digits. Republicans would have to sweep all of the 22 races now rated as toss-ups to hold onto their House majority - a almost insurmountable challenge - says Politico. She tried to sum up her emotions about the last two years and boiled it down to: "We're hoping and praying for a blue wave".

Trump and Obama are the most popular figures in their parties, and their appearances on the campaign trail are created to stoke enthusiasm among core supporters in the late stages of a midterm congressional election widely seen as a referendum on Trump's first two years in the White House. But Republicans are optimistic they can gain seats in a Senate map heavy on red states and haven't given up on holding the House. Trump warned Americans would "lose all of their money" if the GOP was defeated because the stock market could take a hit.

That environment still might not be good enough to deliver the Senate, though.

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In the House of Representatives, the ruling Republicans hold 240 seats and the Democrats 195. Heidi Heitkamp, a Democrat, in North Dakota. "While many more of the votes for Sinema are already cast and guaranteed, McSally needs to pin her votes down and solidify them".

Analyst Harry Enten said: "My best estimate gives Bob Casey a 16-point advantage". Bloomberg photo by Aaron P. Bernstein. Democrats will have to win all of their incumbent races and flip seats in a few others - notably Arizona, Tennessee and Texas - to take the Senate.

If you want to veer away from all the talking heads and go straight for the numbers ahead of polls, you can find a longlist of individual polls here or generic poll-of-polls for the House here and a similar curation for the Senate here.

In all of this, there are some highly unusual elements that have made for a riveting campaign season.

With a Senate majority, the Democrats would be able to block cabinet and supreme court appointments.

Republicans also now hold 26 of the 36 governor's seats that are up for grabs.

Pennsylvania is one of the USA states where citizens are asked to vote for the Senate and the House of Representatives.

He's undecided going into Election Day.

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