Bus crashes into river after passenger and driver fight

Arturo Kim
November 2, 2018

The vehicle plunged into a section of the Yangtze River in the city of Chongqing city, killing all 15 people on board, including the driver.

The bus was retrieved from the river on Wednesday, and investigators were able to obtain the footage from the vehicle's surveillance system.

The second video shows the moment the bus swerved on the bridge, getting out of its lane and into oncoming traffic.

A statement from Wanzhou district police said the 48-year-old female passenger asked the driver to pull over after she missed her stop, but he didn't.

China's state-run media released footage recovered from a CCTV camera present on the bus.

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Due to the loss of control of the bus, which was travelling on a bridge in China, the bus swerved widely and hit a auto before crashing through the bridge railing and plunging around 160 feet (that's just just 20 feet shorter than the recently-inaugurated Statue of Unity, by the way) into the river.

For days after the accident, the No. 22 bus lay at the bottom of the Yangtze River - in waters more than 70 meters (230 feet) deep. Thirteen bodies have been found and two were still missing, according to the Xinhua News Agency. The driver turned his head back several times during the argument. "The driver's right hand came off the steering wheel during the altercation, which led to the steering wheel turning sharply to the left".

He refused, and she went on to hit his head with her mobile phone, prompting the driver to strike her back.

The statement concluded that both the passenger and the driver had broken laws for seriously endangering public safety. Fifteen people including the driver were on the bus.

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