Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct Nov 1

Deanna Kelley
November 1, 2018

Ultimate cast. In the midst of Ken's reveal as an Echo Fighter of Ryu, Incineroar entered the ring.

One new character was Street Fighter's Ken, and the other coming to the game is the Fire/Dark-type Pokemon Incineroar.

Earlier today, another Nintendo Direct event was held, focusing on the highly-anticipated game once more, which follows its previous Direct broadcast in August and introduced five new fighters and a whopping 103 stages. Ultimate Direct broadcast - the final one before the game launches - series director Masahiro Sakurai gave us a little taster of the game's single-player adventure mode.

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As of this writing, there is no word if and what Super Smash Bros.

A Fighters Pass is the alternative for $24.99 as it comes with all five fighters, stages and all their music tracks. Nintendo will release an amiibo figure for the character. In order to acquire new Spirits, players will fighter others. Ultimate, which features Kirby as the long hero (and true savior, mind you) standing tall after an attack pretty much wipes out all the characters from the game, turning them into Spirits. You pick a main spirt and then they can have three additional spirits themselves - allowing a seemingly huge amount of customisation. After a pretty epic intro that shows off how Master Hand managed to create his evil army of Smash roster clones, the clip panned to several attractive looking world maps, stat screens and talent trees.

Instead it uses an overhead map and is split up into what looks like lots of different battles with different conditions and custom enemies; so more like old school SoulCalibur.

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