Russian Federation to give Syria S-300 air defence after accusations against Israel

Arturo Kim
September 28, 2018

Moscow accused Israel of failing to warn the Russian military of its impending attack in time to move the landing aircraft out of harm's way.

The lack of professionalism of the Syrian military, Liberman said, "led to the Russian planes being shot down".

The Russian Defense Ministry said Israel's warning came less than a minute before the airstrike.

Israel said it had warned Russian Federation of the airstrike in advance, and its jets were already back in Israeli airspace when Syria fired its missile.

"Prime Minister Netanyahu said that transferring advanced weapons systems into irresponsible hands will increase the dangers in the region", Netanyahu's spokesman Ofir Gendelman said on Twitter after the call between the leaders.

"Israel is a very important partner for Moscow".

On Tuesday morning Netanyahu held a special security cabinet meeting and brief the ministers on events with Syria, Russia and Iran.

Israel has carried our hundreds of attacks against Syrian and Iranian targets in Syria over the last several years, with fighter jets going almost unchallenged by the country's air defenses.

Russian Federation said it would supply the Syrian army with an S-300 air defence system and would jam radars of hostile warplanes.

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Commentators in Russia have pointed out that the regime of the Russian strongman has a habit of blaming others for things that went awfully wrong and never admits the failures of his own military.

The S-300 is a relatively modern system capable of engaging targets at the range of up to 250 km.

Russia laid the blame squarely on Israel, saying that its fighter jets had pushed the Russian plane into the line of Syria's fire.

Following the recent downing of a Russian aircraft over Syria, speculation has swirled that an increasingly close and publicly warm relationship between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in jeopardy.

Russian Federation will provide advanced S-300 missile systems to Syria and directly link up with the air-defence network of its Middle Eastern ally, stepping up support for the regime of President Bashar al-Assad after the downing of a reconnaissance plane last week.

A day later, Moscow says it plans to supply the Syrian army with a new S-300 air defence system and jam radars of nearby warplanes.

The White House has begun pounding the anti-Iranian drumbeat ever louder and doubt over Israel's ability to conduct future strikes against Iran - and its proxy militia Hezbollah - in Syrian territory is likely to cause the Trump administration further anxiety.

Meanwhile, the newly elected United States special representative to Syria James Jeffrey told Asharq Al-Awsat on Tuesday that United States forces would remain in Syria to achieve three objectives: Uproot ISIS, remove Iranian forces from Syria and implement a political operation that leads to the establishment of a committee, which should later draft a new Syrian constitution and hold elections.

A Syrian air defense missile downed the Russian Ilyushin Il-20 military plane on September 17, killing all 15 soldiers aboard and threatening to damage relations between Russia and Israel, which three years ago set up a hotline to avoid accidental clashes in Syria. Netanyahu said that responsibility for downing of the plane lies with the Syrian army. Russian Federation has largely refrained from arming the Syrian air defence forces with S-300 due to protests from Israel, which would come under threat from the improved defences.

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