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Florence Fletcher
September 27, 2018

Discover's reach is expanding, too: It's coming to Google's home page on mobile. Say you're planning a trek to Chadar, Google will show you travel guides, necessary lists and stories based on what you've searched for about your upcoming trip. Gomes wrote that a full 15 percent of everyday queries are completely unknown to the Google search algorithm. If it's not on Google, does it really exist at all?

Instead of a handful of employees in a Menlo Park garage, Google today has tens of thousands of employees and offices in almost 60 countries. Nicknamed "BackRub", the research project sought to find out which web pages link to a specific page.

Google, born 20 years ago, today provides that it knows how to respond to the queries of other internet users before they even have asked, with artificial intelligence and personal data, while a growing number of concerns about privacy and the power of the giants "tech".

This story's main image shows what milestones Google has achieved and what Kiwis have searched for over the last 20 years.

Google was under fire anew from privacy advocates for a change that automatically signs users into Chrome browsers on desktop computers when they sign into any of the company's other services such as Gmail or search. You can follow any topic that looks interesting. Your saved collections and history will be used by Google to recommend new content to you. It will debut later this fall. Now, the option has changed into a toggle that is present on the topic card itself. As Collections seem like just a reimagining of the bookmark process, the process sounds pretty similar. Which news would you like to continue seeing in the future and how much of it do you want to see on the daily basis; you decide.

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Google is adding a bunch of enhancements to Google Feed. On the same day as Google's announcement, Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, unveiled a partnership with in which users can shop for products straight from the camera function of Snapchat.

Google has also announced that they're changing the Google Feed to Discover, focusing more on the discovery of content.

The Discover feed will remember preferences for the language you like different types of content to be in. Topic headers will explain the process that leads someone to see a particular Card in Discover before diving deeper into the theme. The updates will periodically roll out over the next few weeks and months.

There's a whole blog devoted to the Google Doodles, giving a brief run down of the creation of the doodle - this is where you can even find the PacMan Doodle that immortalised the 30th anniversary of the game back in 2010.

One of Microsoft's responses to our story on how Bing has lost its way was that one of the innovations within Bing's image search was its ability to pull out elements of an image, such as a pair of shoes in a photo of a living room, and use that as the basis of an entirely new search.

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