Obama rebukes Trump, 'politics of fear'

Dwayne Harmon
September 10, 2018

Obama urged the Democrats at his first rally of 2018 to get out and vote in November, telling them that the dismay they feel about Washington right now means nothing is they don't follow through by voicing their displeasure at the ballot box.

"What's gonna fix our democracy is you".

He said Donald Trump's name for the first time since leaving office.

Obama then slammed the party of the President with the refrain, "what happened to the Republican party?" firing off shots at the GOP's massive spending and unraveling of the Affordable Care Act. "It is us not doing what we're supposed to do", he said. "He's just capitalizing on resentments that politicians have been fanning for years, the fear and anger that's rooted in our past".

President Trump pretended to be unmoved, saying, "I watched it but I fell asleep".

Former US president Barack Obama has launched a strong critique of his successor Donald Trump, calling him "the symptom, not the cause" of division and polarisation in the United States. "I'm being serious here".

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"It shouldn't be Democratic or Republican to say that we don't threaten the freedom of the press because they say things or publish stories we don't like". Southern California is a key battleground as Democrats work to oust Republicans from their stranglehold on elected positions in the area.

Obama also praised venture capitalist Josh Harder in his bid to unseat four-term Republican Jeff Denham, and T.J. Cox, who is challenging David Valadao in a district where Democrats hold a 17-point advantage in voter registration.

Obama says there are no problems that can't be solved if "we're working together and we're true to the traditions that are the best in America".

As Obama spoke, Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One that he believed Sessions should investigate the identity of the author of an anonymous New York Times opinion piece that was sharply critical of his leadership, saying that the essay was a "national security issue".

"To us, social justice is about justice for American citizens and not illegal criminals". The biggest threat to our democracy is cynicism.

"Each time we get close to those ideals, somebody somewhere pushes back". This is not a rock concert. As the make up of California has shifted over the last several years, with its residents now a majority people of color, the margin by which Republicans have been achieving victory in Orange County has majorly decreased. "Just a glance at recent headlines should tell you that this moment really is different", he added. "President Trump opens the jar, and he said, I loosened it for you", said Mr. McCarthy on Fox Business Network's "Sunday Morning Futures".

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