Will You Be Able to See the Perseid Meteor Shower This Weekend?

Theresa Obrien
August 11, 2018

The Perseids showcase more bright meteors than any other annual meteor shower. This year, the viewing opportunities are about as good as they can get.

This weekend also will be the Perseids Meteor Shower!

In the Astronomical League guidebook "Observe Meteors", astronomers David Levy and Stephen Edberg wrote, "We have seen Perseids coming in such rapid succession that counting and recording were hard, followed by slack periods with little activity". With the moon in a new phase, the sky will remain exceptionally dark when between 70 and 150 meteors per hour may be seen, depending on one's viewing location. Gather a group of friends and sit in different directions, so it will be easier for you to find the radiant, i.e. the spot in the sky where all the meteors radiate from.

A stunning, natural spectacle is set to light up night skies across the world this weekend, and those living in Dubois County should have a good seat to the show.

Experts say the best views will be to the east, and observers should try to avoid built-up areas.

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When the "radiant" is highest in the sky, we'll see the most meteors.

Perseid meteors pose no threat to Earth, as many of them burn up in the atmosphere more than 50 miles above the surface. They will appear to be coming from the constellation Perseus.

What is the Perseids Meteor Shower?

"Even if the sky is dark enough, if you are exposed to any bright light nearby, your eyes will not be dark-adapted", said Bellavia. No special equipment is needed, but if you want the best view, it helps to be as far from artificial light as possible.

On a normal year the planet usually just grazes the actual debris trail of Swift-Tuttle, causing a few meteors to be visible per hour.

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