Menendez: 'Beyond Comprehension' Trump Wants to Roll Out 'Red Carpet' for Putin

Sherman Parsons
July 23, 2018

Overall, President Putin noted the "shared desire of President Trump and myself to correct the negative situation in bilateral relations".

Sen. Marco Rubio is glad that President Donald Trump walked back comments siding with Russian leader Vladimir Putin over US intelligence agencies. The critics include Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan who said, " There is no question that Russian Federation interfered in our election and continues attempts to undermine democracy here and around the world".

Mr Trump had toughened his tone about Russia on Wednesday, saying in a CBS News interview that he told the Russian president to his face during Monday's summit to stay out of America's elections "and that's the way it's going to be".

However, nearly as many, 35 percent, say Trump handled Putin "about right"; 15 percent say he did not go far enough to support Putin. The rest have no opinion. On Tuesday, Trump said he needed to "clarify" one word he said during the press conference. Will Hurd's (R-TX) op-ed in the New York Times Thursday asserting that Trump had "actively participated in a Russian disinformation campaign that legitimized Russian denial [of election interference] and weakened the credibility of the United States to both our friends and foes overseas".

While he remains consumed by his outreach to Putin, Trump is also fuming about Mueller's investigation, apparently reasoning that he can use it to drum up partisan fury that will enthuse the base voters he needs to stave off a Democratic surge in the midterms.

It's an "easy, cheap shot" to accuse President Donald Trump of being "compromised by the Russians" following last week's controversial press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, former homeland security adviser Tom Bossert said Sunday on ABC News' "This Week".

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Trump's comments over the past three days have since attempted to reverse course and show support for the intelligence agencies, but the president has also gone on the offensive and claimed the media is ignoring his previous statements about Russia's interference.

Barletta, who is running for Senate with the expectation of substantial support from Trump, hails from a northeastern Pennsylvania congressional district that strongly backed Trump in 2016.

Since the summit, the White House has been engulfed in crisis after crisis as Trump digs himself into a deeper hole vis-a-vis Russian Federation, even after arriving back in the US.

In the same poll it shows that 53 percent of Republicans approve of Mr Trump's handling of Russian Federation compared to only 6 percent of Democrats. A smaller 58 percent majority of conservatives approve of Trump's conduct at the summit.

US Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted yesterday announcing that President Trump had asked for Putin to be invited to Washington this autumn. That is an improvement on last November, when the margin between those who said weaker versus those who said stronger was 27 percentage points. Podesta's emails, they hacked into the DNC, it could be us next.

Schiff said that it appeared so. In fact, he said Trump missed the opportunity to "distinguish" the U.S. Those without college degrees are almost three times as likely to say they have no opinion of Trump's performance.

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