McFeely: Trump, of course, is the rock star at Fargo rally

Arturo Kim
June 30, 2018

Speaking at a campaign rally in North Dakota a on Wednesday night, the president revisited previous comments he has made bemoaning the fact that his opponents are often referred to as "the elite".

Mostly, the president and other speakers tried to tie Heitkamp to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California and the newest Republican villain, Rep. Maxine Waters of California.

Trump walked out of Air Force One, followed closely by Secret Service, waving at the gathered crowd.

President Trump tore into Sen. Heidi Heitkamp. Cramer recently called White House Chief of Staff John Kelly asking for the campaign to take a new approach. That was not the case in North Dakota, where Heitkamp is in a tight race with the state's at-large congressman, Republican Kevin Cramer.

"My phone call with Gen. Kelly". But Kennedy's decision to retire seemed to give him extra firepower, and he said he wanted to pick a jurist who could spend at least 40 years on the court. "How the president talks about Sen".

"I mean, (Waters) practically was telling people the other day to assault".

Trump is scheduled to appear at a rally Wednesday evening in a 6,000-seat Fargo hockey arena in a burst of campaign appearances that has included Nevada, Minnesota and SC.

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Looming large over the race is the threat of a major trade war over the Trump administration's tariff policy that could hurt North Dakota's substantial farming community.

Ahead of the midterm election, and with Senate control at stake, Republicans are eyeing Heitkamp's seat as a top pickup opportunity. She also voted against some of his Cabinet nominees. In recent weeks, he had frustrated Cramer with the appearance of friendly ties to Heitkamp, particularly after she was seated next to the president during the signing into law of a banking deregulation bill.

"You are the people who farm the prairie, tamed the badlands and squeezed oil out of rock", Trump said, speaking directly to the North Dakota citizens who lived under "big attractive skies". But I'll tell you what: "good woman", Trump said then.

Heitkamp says she also talked about global trade, oil prices and health care-related issues with the president. He also told Trump he would "be with you 100 percent of the time".

"We must elect more Republicans, we have to do that", the president said Wednesday night.

"Some of the lobbyists express a different view, and the Farmers Union, but the rancher that is pulling the calf out of the cow or the farmer digging his hand into the dirt, they love this guy". I have a much better apartment than they do. She has also directed her fellow Democrats not to obstruct Trump's impending SCOTUS nomination after Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement.

He said he wasn't sure whether he will be called upon to speak. Cramer said he's running on the accomplishments of the president and Republican majority in the first 18 months.

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