How to help fight plastic pollution for World Environment Day

Theresa Obrien
June 10, 2018

Fiza Qureshi, Indus Consortium's Programme Manager, hoped people will begin to realize that paper and plastic bags both come at a great cost to the environment and when need arises they will begin to pull a tightly packed reusable bag from their pocket.

He made the appeal not only in consonance with this year's theme "Beat Plastic Pollution" of World Environment Day to be celebrated on June 5, but also in preparation for the rainy season.

As per the figures in 2016, as much as 15,000 tons of plastic waste is generated every day, out of which 9,000 tons is collected and processed, but 6,000 tons of plastic waste is not being collected for recycling or processing.

Anthony Nyong, AfDB's Director for Climate Change and Green Growth, said "the statistics about plastic pollution are alarming".

However, Greenpeace applauded companies which were beginning to eliminate single-use plastics from their shelves and checkouts. "The large numbers of people that have turned out really shows this an issue we all care about", he tweeted. Hyundai offers - Free Dry wash for cars, Free PUC and Emission check on 5th June 2018 for customers at workshops across India.

Sonakshi Sinha: It's World Environment Day!

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"People all across the United Kingdom are on the same page: ocean plastic pollution needs tackling and it is urgent that supermarkets take meaningful action to reduce their plastic footprint now".

Bhubaneswar: Each World Environment Day is organised around a theme that focuses attention on a particularly pressing environmental concern. As part of 2018 World Environment Day, the Senior Management and staff of the Bank signed a "Pledge Board" to reduce plastic waste and ensure a better and healthier workplace environment.

Scotland has committed to phase out the use of non-recyclable plastics and is now designing a deposit return scheme for drinks packaging that could see recycling rates of more than 90%, Zero Waste Scotland said.

Actor Arjun Kapoor said:"It takes one small step to #BeatPlasticPollution!" However, when you compare the plastic production with the growing market demands, it is expected that till the time we reach 2025, the plastic production might reach the five hundred million tonnes figure.

Just nine percent of the nine billion tonnes of plastic the world has ever produced has been recycled. This is a threat not only to marine life such as coral reefs but also birds and animals. He talked about the milestones Sepa has achieved to curb the menace of plastic.

Ruhamya urged Rwandans to reject using single-use plastics including plastic straws, cups, plates and bottles, and find sustainable alternatives.

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