Long-awaited 'Mega Man 11' launches on Xbox One and PC in October

Florence Fletcher
May 31, 2018

While Capcom doesn't go into details on how much Mega Man is weakened after using both Double Gears simultaneously, it's made clear that this should only be used as an absolute last ditch effort. But then, late previous year, Capcom announced Mega Man 11 - a 2.5D game that goes beyond what was capable on 16-bit systems.

Pre-orders are available now through Capcom's official website for $29.99.

So the new Double Gear system is the highlight of this news. Developed by Dr. Wily, the Double Gear system allows for special attacks and can also slow time. This allows you to handle tougher platforming sections that may be going a little too fast for you.

The Power Gear lets players charge the Mega Buster to a new level, giving the Blue Bomber even more firepower.

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The Singapore PlayStation Store may have inadvertently leaked the release date for Capcom's anticipated Mega Man 11. You'll now get a sleeker-looking Mega Man depicted like an anime-drawn character, who's also fully voiced. You'll want to put the Double Gear system to fine use. Rush is also featured in the trailer and will be back to help Mega Man throughout the game.

Mega Man 11 will be getting a physical and digital release on October 2nd, though the Switch arguably has the best deal of all. You can see it for yourself above.

This will include a physical copy of the game, Mega Man amiibo, Stage Select microfiber cloth, four colourful stickers and a Dr. Wily is once again wreaking havoc with a new drop of Robot Masters. You can actually pre-order it at GameStop now!

"A variety of difficulty modes makes this the ideal opportunity to experience Mega Man for the first time!"

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