US Government Plans To Indict Alleged CIA Leaker

Arturo Kim
May 16, 2018

In a statement to the Post, Schulte proclaimed his innocence.

Joshua Adam Schulte, who worked for a CIA group that designs computer code to spy on foreign adversaries, is believed to have provided the agency's top-secret information to WikiLeaks, federal prosecutors acknowledged in a hearing in January. Early court documents filed in Schulte's case referred to documents found on his computer that may have included classified information.

Lawyers for Schulte have repeatedly called for a decision to be made in relation to the accusations he was behind the Vault 7 leak. The documents allegedly revealed details about the Toolkit of American cyber espionage.

The CIA said that the WikiLeaks cables about the hacker's methods of surveillance of the users may damage the capabilities of the intelligence community.

In August a year ago, authorities filed child pornography charges against Schulte, who is in a jail in Manhattan, after claiming to have found 10,000 illicit images on a server that he had set up in 2009 while studying at the University of Texas in Austin.

In other hearings in Schulte's case, prosecutors have alleged that he used Tor at his NY apartment, but they have provided no evidence that he did so to disclose classified information.

Prosecutors said in court last week that they plan to file a new indictment in the next 45 days.

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Roger said his son was in college when he set up the server later claimed to contain child pornography, and that he "had so many people accessing it he didn't care what people put on it".

The CIA declined to comment. "He remains a target of that investigation".

Schulte told the Washington Post that he left the Central Intelligence Agency on bad terms after reporting "incompetent management and bureaucracy", as well as multiple oversight authorities. The documents themselves covered a period from 2013 to 2016, when Schulte had been employed at the agency.

He also said that because of 'unfortunate circumstances the Federal Bureau of Investigation ultimately made the snap judgement that (he) was guilty of the leaks and targeted (him)'.

Since he's been jailed, Schulte has created a Facebook page where he posts articles criticizing the criminal justice system. Following the search of his apartment in March 2017, prosecutors waited six months to bring the child pornography charges.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Matthew J. Laroche contended that either Schulte or his cousin were also using Tor, the anonymizing browser that offers more privacy when browsing the internet, conducting online chats or transferring data.

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